Have you ever heard of Virtual Electronics PTE LTD? If you didn’t, you have to


In an epoch that’s extremely depend on data processing speed, and methods of information refining, things need to run like clockwork for effective company.

But therein the intrinsic problem lies – not everyone runs like a well-oiled machine. Usually there are always errors somewhere. The software is often not perfect. Most often, you have no idea how to move on to developing The Next Big Thing in tech.

That’s where it all starts. The corporation registered in Singapore may become the fresh player in the structure (it was established only last year). Besides it’s also one of the more multi-profile IT service providers in the marketplace.

Do you need to ensure the quality of the software? Virtual Electronics can ensure skilled engineering personnel to test your software distantly in a short time (they’ve got teams ready in R&D centers in Poland, Ukraine, and Belarus).

Do you need a new Internet portal or a mobile app that can run virtual reality simulators on both iOS and Android? Specialists from VE may set those up for you.

Do you need stable cloud servers to host and share information worldwide? Virtual Electronics also possesses its own hosting provider justvps.com.

In short, an organization can almost completely cope with the IT needs of large and small businesses, if the heads of companies use outsourcing services. The main argument is the ability to reduce the cost item, while maintaining the quality of work at a high level.

For example, you may save a lot by hiring a qualified programmer from Kiev compared to someone from Philadelphia with similar abilities.

It is much easier to increase revenue by partnering with a digital outsourcing company that renders services 20% lower than its competitors. But Virtual Electronics has a forthcoming venture that pledges to open the door wide for content services between Australia and Singapore.

“Singapore possesses intensive business relations with Southeast Asian states. South Australian companies may enter Southeast Asian marketplaces more rapid and simplifying through export co-operation with Singaporean enterprises than if they did it on their own,” Serge Przhevalskiy, Virtual Electronics’ Chief Marketing Officer, clarified.

The corporation’s major international project is called the Content Collaboration Platform for International Digital Business (South Australia-Singapore), a title that confessedly is hard enough to pronounce. VEnterface is their much easier nickname, so let’s start with that.

“New businesses and companies, all those who produce innovative products with a digital component may become our customers”” – Serge said.

“The basic task is to extend trade borders and arrange the cooperation of involved businesses between Australia and Singapore, a project that will be backed by the Australian government.”

That is, Virtual Electronics desires to generate a high-tech online platform that will make it easier for South Australian companies to get into the Singapore market. VEnterface will be a new user-friendly B2B business database that will help link Australian producers and service providers with customers – in sectors such as mining and agriculture, as well as telecommunications – in Singapore.

Virtual Electronics indicated a prototype of the VEnterface content service platform could be up at the first quarter of 2020. The invitation of Australian exporters to enumerate their goods and services is designed to go out within the second quarter of 2020. Learning of the platform’s virtual assistant’s algorithms will be deployed at the end of the year.

It is planned that access to the company’s profile pages, contacts with other users and product catalogs will be free of charge, while the cost of additional functions, such as creating ads, placing requests and curatorial collaboration, will be $150 per month or more.

” Our business is not only a prospect to attract Singaporean corporations to South Australia’s export opportunities, but also to make it simplifying for Singaporean companies to do business with South Australia,” – Serge noted.

“Therefore, the win-win model works here for Singapore and Australia enterprises.”

The above applies only to one of the projects that Virtual Electronics is engaged in. You may find this surprising, but the company also deals with making game art, developing chatbots, professional consulting and introduction for your IT needs; examine their service list on the enterprise portal.

In addition, Virtual Electronics is an active participant and sponsor of many technology exhibitions. Only in 2020, the company was represented at such international events as EmTechAsia 2020, World Summit AI and AI&BigData EXPO London.

That being said, that’s just one project that Virtual Electronics is embarking on. You’d be surprised that the company even does game art production, chat bot development, and professional consulting and implementation for your IT needs; check out the list of their services on their website here.