Got a GMAT score of 600-700? Here are some top-ranking UK universities to pursue MBA?

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GMAT is one of the examinations that is accepted worldwide to pursue MBA. All major international universities and colleges accept the score of GMAT Examination and follow the same procedure to provide admission in MBA course.

The Universities, along with the generic requirements like application form, visa letters, language test scores like IELTS/ TOEFL demand the GMAT scorecard of the candidates applying for the admission.

Colleges and Universities in more than 114 countries accept the GMAT scores. Admission in MBA course in United Kingdom’s colleges like Harvard, Stanford is given through GMAT score. These colleges prefer students with the 700+ GMAT Score which usually requires practice and studying materials. Also, the GMAT Score is acceptable in more than 2300 business schools for different management and business courses.

Below is given a list of the popular colleges and universities located in the UK accepting the GMAT score for the admission in the MBA program.

Why study in the UK?

United Kingdom (UK) is one of the leading destinations for pursuing postgraduate programmes. Countries like France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Ireland and Denmark are becoming the top choices for the MS and MBA aspirants. Along with the good work experience, Universities in these countries except an average GMAT score ranging between 700-750. INSEAD, the top institute of UK needs an average GMAT score of 709. London Business School, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Oxford are some other top business schools in Europe with an average GMAT score of 700+. There are many other reasons why the UK is a leading country to pursue MBA course.

  • When compared to other countries, the UK as more diverse programmes and courses. Also, MBA programmes in the UK are more diverse when it comes to content and specializations.
  • The Universities of UK has global recognition and offers the best quality education to the students. The standard of teaching and research is always upgraded by the government.
  • Also, the classroom study program offers one to one close interaction between students and lecturers. The system offers the freedom to combine varied subjects into a single course of study.
  • To study in the UK, students need to get the UK Tier 4 General student visa which is easy to obtain and the process of application is also quite simple. The Tier 4 UK Study Visa permits the students to work part-time during the studies and full time during non- study periods.
  • Study in the UK can fetch the students some health benefits too. National Health Services (NHS) provides free medical aid to the Indian students enrolled in the MBA program in the UK.

Requirements for an MBA

Apart from the GMAT score, the other requirements by the UK Universities to pursue MBA program are given below:

  • A bachelor’s degree or equivalent is required to pursue an MBA program.
  • UK universities also demand a minimum of 2 or 3 years of work experience for the admission in their MBA program.
  • GMAT Score is the most prominent requirement which tests the analytical and verbal skills of the students.
  • English proficiency is also tested through exams like IELTS or TOEFL. Students from India and Non- UK countries need to demonstrate their English proficiency through these exams. A minimum score of at least 6.0 6.5 is required in IELTS.
  • Letter of Recommendation: Students are required to submit the letter of recommendation from an individual the candidate share the professional terms with. It is a reference letter that provides complete information regarding the positive and negative traits of the aspirant along with their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Statement of Purpose: Candidates must submit their statement of purpose which is a document which states the reason for choosing the particular course and institute and how can one be an asset for the organization.

Top Universities in the UK

Some of the top Universities along with the average GMAT Score and their world rankings by the Financial Times and The Economist are given in the table below:

S.No. University Name Average GMAT Cut-off   Global Ranking
1. London Business School 708 4th
2. The University of Cambridge 690 13th
3. The University of Warwick 660 41st
4. University of Oxford 690 27th
5. Cranfield University 668 61st
6. Imperial College London 670 51st
7. Durham University 660 64th
8. City, University of London 660 46th
9. The University of Manchester 650 36th
10. University of Reading 650 61st

So, These were some of the top business schools United Kingdom that provide admissions on the average GMAT score of 700+. This can help a candidate set up a target score for their GMAT Examination. One can also have an idea of the top-ranking universities to pursue MBA in their dream University.

Rankings of the University

Most of the Universities in the UK are ranked in the top 50 business institutes all over the world. The ranking has been done by the Financial Times, The Economist and QS Rankings. London Business School has been placed at 4th place by the Financial Times while at the 5th place by the QS Rankings.

  • The University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, University of London has been placed in the top 50 rankings.
  • The University of Cambridge has been placed at 13th position by the Financial Times.
  • The University of Oxford has been ranked 27th in business schools all over the world.

Placement and Future Career Prospects

MBA from the top-notch universities in the UK offer excellent career opportunities after the completion of the program. The MBA graduates are blessed with varied career opportunities on the basis of the stream they focus on.

Some of the opportunities MBA graduates can opt for are Banker, Financial Analyst, Project Manager, Business Advisor, Insurance Advisor, Investment Analyst, Insurance broker etc. Apart from this, the MBA graduates in the UK are employed as Payroll Manager, Merchandiser, Economists etc. The ample of opportunities given to the MBA graduates give them the chance to excel in their chosen field.

The top recruiters include EY, Accenture, Hamleys, Royal Bank of Scotland, J.P. Morgan and Chase, International Business Machine Corporation and others.

To conclude, an MBA in the UK provides high investment returns with excellent placement records and network opportunities. The easy to go and hassle-free visa policies make it easier for the students to earn while studying. Also, the diverse MBA fields like Financial Management, International Business and Marketing can fetch good employment opportunities in future and are very popular in the market these days.