Getting around London: The do’s and don’ts 

London skyline

Whilst London may seem like a very tourist-friendly city, there are some rather strict social etiquette rules that everyone should be aware of when using public transport in London.

These simple tips will help you not to be the victim of intimidating eye-rolls, unexpected shoves and violent exhales of breath.

Be prepared when using the public transport of any sort in London. Have your payment card (or smartphone) ready to tap at the barrier as this will prevent a people pileup and help the system to flow smoothly.

Once onboard, don’t start up a phone conversation or get out your lunch – noise and the smells of other peoples food are not looked upon lightly in London.

When using the London Underground, make sure that you stand on the right of the escalators and moving walkways. This allows people that prefer to walk up or down these to do so without needing to zigzag or push past you.

Whether commuters are travelling to their coworking space in London or simply off to the pub, Londoner’s often seem to be zooming around the city and they get really agitated when people slow them down.

Ask for directions if you have lost your way. Contrary to popular belief, Londoner’s are actually pretty friendly and will happily provide you with directions. London is a relatively flat city, making it terrific to see on foot, so pick up a map and start exploring.

Whilst out sightseeing, there are lots to take pictures of. From places of historical significance to simply stunning views – it all deserves to be snapped. However, if you suddenly spot something you want to photograph, do not just grind to a halt in the middle of the street.

Pathways in London are often crowded and screeching to a stop will cause a bunch of people to crash into the back of you, which might sound silly but can cause injury.

Instead, take a look around you and see if you can stop or try moving over to the side of the path where there is more space for you to stop.

If you have luggage, try to use the lifts at train stations. If you must bring luggage onto the escalator, ensure that this is safely held in front of you, on the right and not obstructing the walkway on the left side. It seems trivial, but you’d be surprised how passive-aggressive Londoner’s can get if their way is blocked!