Fun and Ornamental Semicircular Sedum Modular Roof Tray

Recently, LEIYUAN Greening Solution launched An Innovative green roof modules.

Fun and Ornamental Semicircular Modular Sedum Trays, let’s take a look at this new product.

Different Designs to Choose

Our trays have the same purpose, which is to give you a garden where there is limited space. However, they are unique in designs and can do much more. Our green roof trays come in a quarter circle design or semicircular planters that can be combined with other trays to create your own unique shapes. The sedum trays module design, along with the quadrant sedum trays, can give you the freedom to construct your garden to your layout. You can even make things exciting by creating lively and unique designs to call your own. This can be done with their interlocking mechanisms to make your garden bigger and fun. No tools are required for assembly. You can make a wide variety of designs, including:

  • Circles
  • Floral shapes
  • Squares
  • Octagons
  • Stars
  • Quarter foil patterns

It would be a good idea to change up the patterns according to season. You can pattern floral shapes with your sedum modular roof tray alternatives for the spring and summer months. During the winter months, creating star patterns with your trays can enhance the feel and ambiance of the wintry season. Whatever designs you choose, you are sure to have fun.

How a Garden Brings Benefits

A nice landscape of greenery can bring many benefits to the earth. However, it also enhances the well-being of oneself. A variety of plants, trees and grass can provide good air quality while giving your landscape a beautiful finish. The norm used to be that when you moved to the big city, you had to say goodbye to gardening. Nowadays, things have certainly changed. With the limited spacing buildings can create in a small area, it can be difficult to find spots to plant a garden or even a small yard. With rooftop gardens, they go straight up on the roof where they can be planted with green roof trays and other alternatives.

Rooftop Gardens

Even if you moved to the heart of the city where there is limited space, you can still enjoy a nice lawn and garden. How is this possible? Well, with the use of rooftop gardens, you can do all the gardening you want. In this article, we’ll go over what you need to start your new project.

Green Roof Trays

What is the purpose of green roofs? Well, with a city that is steeped in concrete construction and steel buildings, it can create a great deal of pollution. Installing green roof trays to complete a rooftop garden can improve the air quality. When it comes to the building itself, rooftop planter trays can actually extend the lifespan of the building. Moreover, these trays will also protect the roof itself as the garden absorbs the sunlight and its UV rays.

Energy Savings and Environmentally Friendly

Along with an aesthetically pleasing landscape, green roofs can also work to save you energy. Buildings on their own absorb a lot of heat. Therefore, to keep the inside of the building at a cool and comfortable temperature, cooling systems have to work hard. This means more energy output from air conditioner units resulting in high electricity bills. However, by using green roof trays or rooftop planter trays, you’ll be able to provide insulation for the building. It will be easier to keep cool air inside while keeping warm air out. Sedum trays module options can come in different shapes and designs. Another benefit is that these trays will also slow down stormwater when it rains. Potential flooding can also be limited or minimized with green roof trays since the garden or lawn will absorb some of the water. This is both good for your green landscape and the building.

The Benefit for the Person

How about for you? What are the benefits? Well, for one, it can give you a nice and relaxing atmosphere to come home to after a long day at work. It can help with cognitive processes as you have something different to look at and enjoy rather than just being surrounded by concrete buildings. Trees can also give you shade and oxygen in a city with large populations.

Sedum Modular Roof Tray Alternatives

Which types of green roof trays would work for you? You can find a wide variety of trays to suit your needs. Sedum modular roof trays are good options that are sturdy and durable. This is important to withstand the harsh weather elements on the rooftop. Our garden boxes are made with quality materials guaranteed to never crack or peel. Another important benefit to remember is that our green roof trays are easy to maintain. They are also perfect for water storage to keep your garden green and healthy.

Rooftop Planter Trays

Installing the trays can be a simple process. Before you lay down the rooftop planter trays, it would be ideal to install layers of waterproof materials directly on the roof. You can then place the trays right on top of these layers. By doing this, you will help to protect the building along with your sedum trays module. It will also help to keep moisture inside your trays where you’ll have your plants and other greenery. Now, when it comes to the trays themselves, there’s not really a right or wrong answer on which trays would work best. Any option you choose would accommodate your plants.

Get Great Results

How can you get the results you want? The first thing is to choose plants that would do well in harsh weather conditions. Mainly because your plants will be on the roof, they will receive the brunt of the heat and stormy weather. Your goal is to choose plants that are low maintenance, such as sedums, shrubs and mosses, just to mention a few. As you install your garden, moving your plants should be easy with the green roof trays. They are light and can be placed in ideal locations on the roof. Remember to consider things like the type of soil, plant tolerance and other essential factors. Please check out LEIYUAN Greening Solution to learn more about it.