FUE vs DHI Hair Transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplant

Turkey achieves excellent results from hair transplant surgeries because of their surgeons who are experts in their field and developed medical technology.

Hair transplant turkey welcomes thousands of people every year to give them life-changing experiences and long-lasting hair transplantations.

Hair transplantation is known to be a long-lasting cure for baldness. Hair loss is mostly seen in men and mostly from heredity or stress. People with hair loss problems seek a permanent or long-lasting solution. The most known permanent solution is hair transplant surgery. This procedure is done with various techniques by doctors. There are two most famous techniques for hair transplantation operation: FUE and DHI techniques. Both of the techniques give life-changing results.

FUE and DHI hair transplantation techniques are similar to each other however some differences should be noted. FUE Hair Transplant technique is done with microscopic tools. With the help of microscopic tools, hair follicles are removed from the donor area one by one and placed in the storage solution. After that, the surgeon opens holes in the balding area with micro blades to perform the transplantation process. Then, hair follicles are transplanted to the balding area one by one. FUE hair transplant is preferred by surgeons to perform because it gives more precise results.

DHI hair transplant method is performed with Choi Implanters. During this technique, with the Choi Implanter, the surgeon collects all the hair follicles inside the tool, then, transplantation is done automatically. DHI technique is faster than the FUE technique, however, the FUE technique gives more precise results. So, the FUE technique is preferred when the patient needs a hairline. Both of these techniques are gives satisfying and long-lasting results.

When people search for a place to get hair transplantation surgery, they look abroad. Turkey is one of the best options for medical surgeries. The low cost of living, expert doctors, developed technology, and culture make Turkey a charming place to get medical surgeries.