Friendspire: In Friends We Trust


Public trust in institutions, especially the media, is waning. A report by Edelman showed that the Americans’ trust in public institutions witnessed the biggest drop between 2017 and 2018. What’s more, 25% of Americans have zero trust in influencer marketing.

It’s understandable. After all, there is a vested interest involved, and it is difficult to trust people who are getting paid to say what they are saying.

Online reviews, in comparison, fare better. However, nothing beats a recommendation by a friend. Obviously, trust is strongest in this case.

But what’s even better than one friend’s recommendation? Recommendations by many friends who know you. They are not only recommending what’s good, but something that they know for sure that you will like and enjoy.

Friendspire is fueled by that trust.

What’s Happening at Friendspire?

At Friendspire, we are striving to create a trusted system of ‘friendly’ reviews that you can use to make choices.

From entertainment to eating out, every category that makes your every day more special is included at Friendspire. There are reviews for movies, TV shows, books, podcasts, restaurants, and even bars & clubs.

When you and your friends download the app, there is a lot you can do on it. Heard a lot about that new book? Find a real review about it in your Friendspire circle. There are too many good books to read. Don’t waste your time reading the wrong ones. And at Friendspire, your friend will find you that literary treasure.

Let’s say you watched a movie and you have to tell your friends how amazing it was. Just add it on Friendspire. Your Friendspire circle will see your review and then make their choice. Be prepared to get appreciated for your amazing movie recommendation.

Friendspire is about feeling connected and enjoying that camaraderie all over again.

Why Is It Better?

Friendspire is everything that dry, generic, and confusing review sites are not.

People You Trust

The reviews are shared by people you know and who know you. They want to recommend what they genuinely think is worth your time. There cannot be fake reviews because you know these people personally. So, if there ever was a good review system, then this is it!

Less Is More

Online reviews are good. Sure, a lot of people share honest reviews too. However, there are just too many of them. Just imagine wanting to listen to a podcast and finding 1000 reviews to sift through first. You might as well listen to the podcast yourself rather than read the reviews. At Friendspire, that’s not the case. Your limited circle of friends is leaving the reviews. So, there are limited and useful reviews for you to read.

Easy To Use

The Friendspire app really becomes a space for you to store your favorites. From movies to TV shows to books, you can build a whole library of the things you like and bookmark them.

Whenever you are free, feel stressed, or in the mood for some leisure time, you can open your trusted library and have at it. No idle scrolling to find semi-acceptable entertainment options anymore. Don’t settle.

Exciting Options

What if you do not have enough friends to recommend you the best entertainment and lifestyle options? Leave it to the Friendspire team. We have got your back!

There is a whole section dedicated to the “Best Of” everything that you can fall back on. These are the gems – memorable literary pieces, movies, and TV shows that have a cult following, and iconic places to visit. You cannot go wrong with these recommendations.

Make Life Better

There are incredible things you can be doing right about now – reading a life-altering book, watching a thought-provoking movie, eating the best food of your life, or something to that effect – all by trusting the right people.

At Friendspire, we believe you can make your life so much better by making good choices quicker. And good choices come from good people.

So, say it with us – In friends, we trust!