Four gift ideas for the DIY man in your life

Man doing DIY

We all know that one guy who is happier mucking about with his tools than playing sports, watching TV, or playing video games.

His hobbies include construction, woodworking, renovations, fixing cars, or other physical activities that usually result in a finished project. Because these guys are creative and dedicated, the best gifts for them tend to be more tools they can use while doing what makes them the happiest. Here are four of the best gift ideas for the DIY man in your life, encompassing some of the most popular DIY fields.

Paint Sprayer

Spray painting is a ridiculously fun experience for anyone who’s had the chance to use some of the tools. A paint sprayer is a reliable and necessary tool for anyone who does home renovations or painting. It basically applies a thin layer of paint, ink, or varnish to a surface and allows users to cover a massive area in a short amount of time. Because the paint is sprayed, it also tends to dry evenly and avoids unpleasant bubbles or lumps in the finish.

Paint sprayers have a couple of different features you can look out for when choosing the right. Find out here about pressure pots, or you can view on the best power rollers currently on the market.

Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are basically massive squirt guns for adults. This powerful tool sprays a pressurized jet of water onto a surface, stripping away dirt, paint, and other unwanted debris coating it. Pressure washers are typically used on the exterior siding of houses, but the right equipment can also be used to clean driveways, rocks, stone, and even wood. Some can even clean windows, so you never have to worry about cleaning the exterior second story windows on your own again. Just be wary, as the guy in your life might try to spray you with it.

Digital Multimeter

Multimeters are a necessary tool for anyone who works with electrical currents. If the DIY guy in your life likes to play around the house and do renovations, then they will need one of these to ensure they are staying safe. Anyone who works with automotives should also have one to check out the voltage of batteries and similar equipment.

A digital multimeter is a universal tool capable of measuring the voltage, current, and resistance of any object carrying an electrical current. You need to place the positive and negative implements on the object in question. A digital meter will then accurately display numbers so users don’t need to read a dial or dash. It’s convenient and also just downright fun to play with.

Socket and Wrench Set

If you know someone who enjoys working on DIY projects, chances are they might already own a wrench or two. However, you can never underestimate the importance of having the right tools for the job, especially if the DIY man in your life is always experimenting with new projects around the house.

The ideal socket and wrench set will include a tool for just about every situation. Wrenches are great for loosening and tightening bolts, but there are a multitude of bolts and shapes that need to be addressed. If your DIY man is considering expanding his skills by entering a new field – for example, switching from carpentry to automotives – then a new set is exactly what they need.

If you think an entire set might be overkill, it’s also a good idea to go out to their garage and see just what tools are missing from the collection. You never know when you’re going to need a wrench capable of fitting a metric socket.


Just because you have a DIY man in your life doesn’t mean you need to DIY their present. There are tons of interesting gift ideas out there for even the most eccentric of hobbymen, especially if he would like to expand his skills and try something new. When buying any of these gifts, remember to do a little research to find something that works for your home and his projects. Or, get him something completely out of left field so he’s just dying to try it!

Photo by Annie Gray on Unsplash