Forex Fury V3 review with real customer comments


Forex Fury has recently released the much-awaited Forex Fury V3. There are some significant changes and additions to the original Fury software, and we’ll be highlighting all of them briefly in this blog post.

What is the Forex Fury Robot?

Forex trading has gained substantial momentum in recent years. Unlike in the past, when only seasoned traders and people with substantial trading knowledge were  interested in placing trades, today almost everyone is determined to augment their monthly income (students, women, 9 to 5 job goers, and a number of other categories are included in this list).

With so many people interested in becoming part of the trading business, the team Forex Fury has decided to come up with a 100% automated trading solution that opens doors of opportunity for people with limited initial investment and risk taking capacity.

Noticeably, this software is designed and administered by the same team of developers who have introduced Forex Steam in the past. While the basic Forex Fury software is equipped with all the needed trading essentials, the developers are determined to provide the most recent and up-to-the-minute solutions. For this, the Forex Fury team has introduced multiple updates in the past, and here they’re with another practical and even more result-driven update to their Fury software.

Forex Fury V3

According to the team Forex Fury, they have released this update to align their trading solutions with the varying market conditions. There are more than 4000 active Forex Fury clients, and satisfying their individual needs must be a strenuous task for the company. That is certainly one of the reasons why team FF is always on the lookout for the best trading practices and solutions that they can mix up with their existing strategies to fulfill the individual needs of their customers.

Forex Fury V3 – Features

There’s a new feature of ‘Range Detector’ which basically is a filter and makes use of the Average Directional Index also known as ADX to help identify whether the Forex market is ranging or trending. This is particularly useful for the scalpers whose trading strategy performs best in the ranging markets.

The range detector settings can be either fixed to ‘True’ or ‘False’ values. If the condition is ‘True’, the robot will only place a trade when the ADX indicator signals that the market is ranging. Because of this feature, the traders can benefit from the larger time window.

Reverse Strategy

Another Forex Fury V3 feature is the Reverse Strategy or Opposite Strategy. As its name implies, this strategy will do the exact opposite of the original trading strategy. Hence, if a trader found that the strategy is not performing at a high rate, he can simply set the false value to reverse the entire strategy.

This feature is particularly beneficial for the traders who want to experiment with multiple tests and are looking to make quick and effective modifications.

Only 1 Set per Day

It has been identified by many clients that the Forex Fury trading bot will quickly secure its first set of trades and open another set in order to give those pips back.

How to Use Forex Fury?

The best thing about Forex Fury is that it is suitable for all traders. Even if you’re a beginner you can start using Forex Fury without much difficulty. The installation process is very simple and you’ll find multiple useful resources, user guides, and video tutorials that will help you get started.

Forex Fury also has an amazing support team. So, if you face any sort of difficulty installing or using the Forex Fury EA, you can get in touch with their customer care to get your issues resolved.

There are two Forex Fury deals available for the traders and you can choose any one of them depending upon your particular set of requirements. The Gold deal is priced at $229.99 while the Diamond package comes with a $499.99 price tag. The only difference between these two packages is that with Gold, you’ll have just one live account, whereas you’ll get 2 live accounts with the Diamond package. Both these options boast unlimited demo accounts though. We would suggest you to run your trading strategy on the demo account first and see how well it is integrating with all the other Forex Fury features. Once you start getting positive results, you can always go live and enjoy long-lasting and consistent results.

Trading Result Proof

You can find myfxbook account on Forex Fury’s official website illustrating the previous trading results. Also, there are multiple review websites and Forex forums where different traders have shared their real-time trading results with the Forex Fury software. So, you can take hints from those resources too. The Forex Fury team, however, claims their product to deliver over a 93% win ratio which is obviously amazing considering the highly volatile nature of the Forex market.

Real Customer Comments

You can find many positive reviews on the Forex Fury’s official website. But considering the scamming tactics that the majority of website owners follow to make their product look credible, it would be better to check out independent review websites and survey sites to see what general traders have to say about the product. We’ve checked multiple websites and found that people really love and admire Forex Fury because of its functionality, cost-effectiveness, and trader-friendly approach. We’ve observed that newbies are actually interested in integrating Forex Fury into their trading framework as it allows them to start placing trades with limited investments.

But we would still advise you to do your own research, find facts, read Forex Fury reviews and if possible invest in this product to see how well it is combining with your unique trading strategy.


The Forex Fury Expert Advisor can seamlessly work with different currency pairs. The Free settings option is suited for any trader and experienced traders can even customize them to achieve better performance and desired trading results.

Forex Fury trading strategy is based on the restricted time frame principle, meaning the robot works for about 1-2 hours daily.

The Forex Fury official website exhibits a backtest record for 15 years that shows massive gains and profits.

All in all, the amazing features, regular updates, and proven gains show the amount of hard work that has been invested by the developers to design and run this software.