Flutin Live: The Ultimate Live Streaming Platform For Businesses To Grow Their Reach And Strengthen Their Brand Image

The initial aim of Flutin Live was to become the premier platform for content creators who deserve to present their talents to the world via live streaming.

Due to its tremendous growth, it was able to quickly add intuitive features to its live streaming platform. This helped them to go above and beyond in helping professionals in every field increase their visibility online. This has led to Flutin Live becoming the ultimate platform today for established streamers as well as businesses to maximise their potential. Flutin Live is the ideal place to begin live streaming for your business if you haven’t yet done so. Find out more below.

Nobody can deny the power of virtual worlds in the 21st century. The internet and technology emerged as the saviours when the entire world was forced to remain indoors due to the pandemic. As a result of this growth, live streaming quickly became a household phenomenon. With live streaming today, traditional forms of entertainment are set to be left behind. And business leaders have embraced this trend swiftly, so to take advantage of this technology, you should consider the best streaming solutions for you and your business.. Are you aware that a staggering 54% of consumers want brands to create more video content? Did you know that 67% of live stream viewers are more likely to become potential customers for a business?

We will let that sink in for a while. And if you’re ready to set out for the world without even having to step outside, Flutin Live is here to take your business on a ride to the top.

About Flutin Live

Flutin Live, one of the best live streaming platforms out there, helps businesses reach out to a global audience. In addition, the platform offers a number of useful streaming features that businesses can take advantage of to maximise the results. These features make it stand out among live streaming services. There are also additional benefits for paying users. There is a plan for every budget and an array of features for everyone to enjoy.

The Exclusive Features


Flutin Live makes it easy and enjoyable to make money from streams. Viewers can buy you virtual gifts and/or donate an amount of their liking. Additionally, viewers can purchase tickets for your live events and pay to have their requests pinned to the top.

Instagram Multistreaming 

There are many potential customers on Instagram, making it a great platform for businesses. Furthermore, there are one billion monthly active users, which presents a vast opportunity for expansion. Therefore, Flutin Live facilitates multistreaming to this wildly popular social networking site.

The Basic Features


By simultaneously streaming to multiple platforms, businesses can reach more audiences using Flutin Live’s multistream feature. You can stream to mega platforms such as Twitch, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, etc., all at the same time.

The multi-chat feature also lets you view all the comments from different platforms you are streaming to at the same place. For low-latency video transmission, Flutin Live supports RTMP streaming as well. The free version of the app allows users to access a single RTMP-based destination, whereas the paid version allows access to up to five.

Pre-recorded Video Streaming

A user can stream pre-recorded videos using Flutin Live. As the name implies, you simply prepare your video content well before it is broadcast live. Such a streaming style gives you greater control over the things you want to show in the video and how you want to portray your brand’s message.


Flutin Live offers several interesting ways of raising money through the business streams, as mentioned above.

Scheduled Streaming

Flutin Live also allows scheduling and publishing events. You simply need to enter relevant event details and set the date and time. This allows people time to mark their calendars and be available during your stream. You can also share the event link on your social media channels.

Chat Highlighting

Watchers are often unsure of which comments streamers are replying to. To solve this problem, Flutin Live offers a unique feature – highlighting the chat you respond to and letting everyone be a part of it.


With Flutin Live, you can customise your streams in multiple ways as mentioned below.

Tickers – You may have often noticed that the bottom of a news channel is often filled with important bits of information scrolling by. Flutin Live offers similar tickers where you can display information and links crucial to your business.

Logo – Flutin Live lets you put up your own business logo to help you make a lasting impact on your viewers.

Video Captions – Take advantage of Flutin Live’s intuitive option to add video captions and engage your audience to the fullest.


Businesses can benefit greatly from this feature. Basically, you can have a primary account as well as multiple secondary accounts.

Therefore, you can have several sub-accounts under your main account that are associated with your business. For instance, by creating sub-accounts for each product or service you offer, you can stream through a particular account to discuss or reveal vital information about the underlying product/service.

Web-embedding Widget

If you have a business website, then you can upload your live streams there as well with Flutin Live.

This would ensure increased traffic to your website and give you a better opportunity of converting your leads.

Facebook Event Publish

Multistreaming is not all that you can do with Flutin Live. You can also publish your event directly on your Facebook timeline via the streaming platform.

After entering necessary event details, you can actually check an option to publish your event details directly to your Facebook profile.

Zapier Integration

Zapier is a one stop destination that houses over 4,000 apps. In its latest bid to make the streaming experience even better, Flutin Live has now joined hands with Zapier for the ultimate boost to viewership for streamers.

For instance, you can connect Flutin Live with the mail chain that would send email notifications to all your subscribers as soon as you go live so they don’t miss it.

Record Live Streams with Flutin Live

Flutin Live is the leading live video streaming platform that lets users start streaming and take their stream to multiple social media channels simultaneously to grow their reach exponentially. And, as you already know by now, you can also record your live streams on Flutin Live. Here’s how to do it:

These were the marvellous features of Flutin Live that help businesses grow beyond geographical boundaries. If you can’t wait to try these out yourself, head over to the platform today and start exploring the streaming world with the best tools at your disposal.