Fitness, bodybuilding, and steroids How are they related?

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Are there so many nutritional needs when training in a gym? Are there really some products more essential than others when you start with the weights?

It is one of the most frequently asked questions over time in the forums and on the weight training websites: ‘I am starting with the weights in the gym. What supplements should I take to gain muscle and gain volume? ‘… And for that same reason, it is also one of the most controversial responses. There are thousands and thousands of articles that bombard us with a bewildering amount of ‘needs’ to be covered by supplements… So many miracle products and so many nutritional deficiencies to control exist in the advice given, that it is not surprising that finally the beginner is overwhelmed by so much choice, a priori all so good and essential for our progression in the gym.

When you start in a gym for the first time, the body will be exposed to a greater or lesser ‘physiological shock’ depending on the degree of progressive adaptation to which we subject it. That is to say, it will depend on the state of the initial form from which one starts and the requirement of the training program that is going to be executed. The ideal is to follow a schedule of the sessions established by a professional who (whenever he has assessed our degree of physical condition) introduces us, from less to more, in the routines of working with the weights.

In these first moments, it is important to focus more on learning the correct techniques for executing the exercises than on moving large weights. This whole stage, which can take us 3-5 months perfectly, is just the prelude to true training, it is the basis for adapting our muscle biochemistry and energy metabolism to the demands of work with overloads.

Most sports are carried out by executing movements that require us to move, at most, our own body weight: jumping, running, throwing, hitting. However, the work of weights is training in which each muscle chain and each specific muscle is ‘forced’ to perform the same joint dynamics, but this time with a ‘ballast’ as heavy as is possible to execute a specific number of repetitions. That difference is what makes sports disciplines that have to do with weights something so different and exceptional… and it is also, at the same time, the difference that forces the body to become stronger and larger to cope with this usual frequency in overload requirements. Deep down we talk about adaptation for pure and simple survival.

A good diet

An athlete who practices bodybuilding intensively must increase his daily caloric intake, which is valid for any sport. Proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids must be supplied in precise amounts to the body in order to compensate for energy costs and hours of training. Bodybuilding practitioners often take a snack every two to three hours, ensuring that the post-workout meals are more complete since they are essential for taking mass and for muscle recovery.

Proteins are the basic food for bodybuilding since it is a nutrient that favors the growth of muscle mass. Muscles are made from proteins made up of tiny fragments, amino acids, used by the body to repair damaged muscle tissues. Carbohydrates give the body energy and help proteins penetrate muscles. Finally, lipids help the body to produce the hormone testosterone, essential for mass intake.

BodyBuilding and Supplement

If you are just starting out in the bodybuilding world, what we can recommend is that you don’t start with a cycle that is very strong for you. This is when the responsibility and commitment that you as people and as an athlete who cares about your body, come into play.

The supplements aim to complement the cycle you may have started with an anabolic steroid that seeks to increase your muscle mass. So it is a good idea to consult a doctor first about the doses you can use. This way you don’t risk experiencing any failure or adverse effect on your body that could compromise your health.

During training, mechanical tension, muscle damage, and metabolic stress cause alterations in the integrity of the microfibrils. This growth is largely regulated by anabolic hormones such as testosterone (among many other factors), and in fact, the differences in relation to the amount of testosterone between men and women are responsible for the general amount of muscle mass. that men possess is greater. Precisely, the steroids injected by some athletes are analogs of testosterone.

By binding steroids to DNA inside cells, the expression of genes that promote protein synthesis and decrease protein degradation increases, and since proteins are the only one of the three macronutrients that provide nitrogen to our body, and that this balance Nitrogen must be positive for muscle fibers to grow, we can conclude that steroids generate muscle hypertrophy through genetic mechanisms.

How to have better performance thanks to steroids

As you have surely been listening to, steroids have more benefits than adverse effects. The trick behind steroids and their great performance are that bodybuilders have specialized in commitment and responsibility when starting their cycles and treatments. Regardless of what anabolic steroids they are incorporating into their cycles, they will comply with the doses that doctors and experts have assigned.

Bodybuilders and fitness lovers who have spent a lot of time doing sports know that the good results of anabolic steroids depend entirely on how you apply the doses throughout this treatment. There is no quick exit or shortcut to get good results.

If you are already determined to enter this fitness and bodybuilding path where your first objective is to improve the figure of your body, anabolic steroids will be one of the main allies that you will deal with throughout this journey. Do not be afraid to try steroids for sale and make them part of your entire routine since they will bring you great benefits.