Finding your favourite casino game

Finding the perfect casino game can be a tricky business as there are so many to choose from.

Finding the perfect casino game can be a tricky business as there are so many to choose from.

You could play your way through all the online betting games out there. Or you could take a look at our list of games and choose the one that’s right for you.

Whatever interests you, there’s a casino game out there for everyone to enjoy.

Simple casino games

Slot games

If you’re looking for a simple game to play, a slot game might be the one for you. There are no confusing rules and regulations, and whether or not you win is left entirely to chance.

Even though the rules of slot games are relatively easy, there is an abundance of themes to choose from. This means that it never feels like you’re playing the same game.

To play a slot game, all you need to do is choose the game you’d like to play. Next, you click ‘spin’ and see if you manage to get the same symbols in a row. If you do, you’ve won! If not, you can always spin again and see if you have better luck next time.

Make sure you take a note of what the different wildcards are as they change depending on the theme of the game. All of the info you need to know will be on the main page of the game.


Roulette is much like a slot game in that your chances of winning are left entirely up to chance. But there are a few more things you need to know about roulette in order to play.

There are lots of different bets you can make on a roulette wheel and they will each win you a different amount of money. You can place a bet on either black or red and that counts for all the numbers on the wheel.

You can also bet on all the even numbers, or all the odd numbers. The wins you would get from these bets would be lower than if you narrow down your search.

If you’re feeling extra lucky, you can pick just one number and see if the odds are in your favour. This will get you the biggest return if you are to win it.


Bingo has previously only had an older target audience. However, since its move online, it’s opened up to a whole new world of people.

And that is mainly because it’s so fun and easy to play. You pick your bingo game, and you’re automatically given a bingo card with randomly selected numbers on it.

When the game starts, numbers will be randomly selected and will show up on your screen. If you can match the number to one on your card, you can cross it off. The aim is to get a whole row crossed off – horizontally or vertically. And once you have a row, you’ll win a cash prize!

You can keep going for as long as the game lasts or until you get all your numbers crossed off – whichever comes first. The more numbers you cross off, the bigger the win.

Casino games using cards


Blackjack is one of the card games you can play at a casino. It’s you playing against the dealer as you want to get a hand that is higher than the hand the dealer has. However, you also don’t want your hand to go over 21.

Each of the numbered cards hold the same numeric value, but the face cards all count as 10. You can win by drawing a higher value than the dealer, the dealer getting above 21, or by drawing 21 in the first two rounds.

There’s a few rules to remember which makes this fast paced game all the more exciting.


Poker is another game you can play that requires a bit more forward thinking. You have to be able to read the cards as well as the other people who are playing the game.

In order to win, you need to have the highest hand at the end. To do this, you might have to bluff your way to the top – but hope that everyone else folds before you.

You’re given your cards (the number of cards depends on the type of poker you’re playing) and then you’ll be asked to bet, call or fold. The bet increases with each round, and if you don’t want to raise the bet any higher, you have to call or fold.

You have to keep an eye out on the other players to work out if they’re bluffing or staying truthful. If you can work this out, you can try and call their bluff and win the game. It’s always a risk though – some people are better liars than others!

Now you know all about the casino games on offer, the only thing left to do is find one to play yourself!