Finding the best electrician for the job


The kitchen and living room are the heart of a home, whether it’s gathering in the kitchen to catch up with friends, or watching a film in the lounge.

However, those spaces are generally reliant on electrical appliances, gadgets or great lighting to turn them into our favourite places.

The home is a complex system of wires and cables behind the scenes that keep our homes running smoothly, and when something goes wrong it can be stressful to fix.

Finding the best electrician is key to not only fixing electrical issues in the home but also to preventing from occurring in the first time.

So what do you need to think about when picking the perfect electrician

Decide what the job is

Make sure you spend time working out what you actually need from your electrician. Don’t start out thinking that you want a new light installing and then change the job to adding in extra lights and moving sockets around. Having a clear idea of what you want will not only make it easier for an electrician to provide a quote and full breakdown, but will also avoid any confusion or delays along the way.

Qualifications and certification

Choose the wrong electrician and it could be a very costly mistake it make, not to mention dangerous. Making sure that your chosen electrician is not only qualified but certified is the first step in picking an electrician for the job.

Check who’s actually doing the work

When getting a quote make sure to check who will actually be carrying out the work. Is it the person that is quoting the job or another team member? Also check that the work isn’t going to be subcontracted to another company or sole trader. This also stands for checking insurance and certification. If any problems did arise from the work you need to know that you are fully covered.


Whether word of mouth or reviews on google or social media, make sure you do your research on any potential contractor that you are looking to work with. Doing a little bit of research will soon indicate general sentiment and act as a good indicator to whether you should hire them.

A reputable electrician will also be able to provide references or testimonials on request, don’t be afraid to ask when getting a quote from a potential hire.

Get an estimate

Make sure you get a quote and full breakdown of the work involved. The last thing you want half way through a project is to find out it was a bigger job or that were extra costs not taken into consideration. Having someone come out to assess the work needed and to have a conversation also allows you to get to know the person you’re potentially going to hire.

Don’t just pick the first estimate that you get, do your research and get several quotes, information is power and you’ll soon be able to tell whether your prices are inline with the work.


As with costing a project, make sure you get a firm timeframe on the job in question. Find out when the job can be done, how long it will take to complete and how many people will be involved with the job. Whilst there is always a chance that your electrician could encounter an unforeseen problem it is always good to have firm timeframes and deadlines in place for people to work, especially if part of a bigger project.


Working on the electrics of a house is no small task, as an often complex job that requires working behind sockets and walls, it’s important to know the work is going to last. Find out how long the work is under warranty for before going ahead and agreeing to work with any potential electrician or electrical firm.

Whilst finding the right electrician might seem like a daunting task, taking the time to research and talk to potential firms or contractors and to get references and feedback will help you make the right decision for the job. Finding a great electrician that you can call on time and time again is worth the time that you initially put into your search if only for peace of mind!