Ilya Filatov: ‘Bank must compete for clients’

Ilya Filatov

Ilya Filatov, known for his eye for innovation, has worked in banking for more than 20 years. He is currently in charge of one of the most rapidly developing banking entities.

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Ilya Filatov was born in 1976 in the capital region and received a degree in economics in 1998. He later graduated from the Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration, earning an MBA degree. Ilya Filatov began his career at Elbim Bank, where he was responsible for the accounting of foreign exchange operations. Later, he worked as a banking specialist at Center Bank. Filatov went on to work as a department head in Platina and MKB banks.

Ilya Filatov was first appointed to a senior position – deputy chairman of the board – in 2005 while working at AKB Autobank Nikoil. Later, it merged with several financial institutions and became part of Uralsib, one of the largest banks in the country.

Filatov played an instrumental role in Uralsib Bank’s development, helping it to gradually evolve into a large network with many branches in different regions. In 2009, Uralsib was listed among the top 10 banks in terms of net assets.

Ilya Filatov worked at Uralsib Bank for nine years, contributing to the modernization of the bank’s credit portfolio and the development of business-oriented services. The bank sponsored the creation of a business community that allowed its corporate clients to participate in thematic meetings.

Ilya Filatov: Uralsib Bank’s push for innovation

Ilya Filatov has championed a groundbreaking approach to banking, both for individual clients and legal entities. For example, Ilya Filatov spearheaded efforts to introduce contactless and cashless payment technologies. Uralsib Bank forged ties with various organizations, allowing their employees to benefit from payroll card programs.

Ilya Filatov also spearheaded efforts to improve banking services and business-oriented solutions. As a result, Uralsib Bank was one of the first to discover the significant potential of cashless payments in the retail sector. The bank where Filatov was working launched its own acquiring platform to drive its market expansion. In 2013, Uralsib Bank became one of the leading acquirers in the country: about 25% of banks and 10% of trade organizations were using the Uralsib system to process transactions.

Ilya Filatov is certain that this result would not have been possible without close cooperation with international payment systems. Uralsib Bank, in particular, had the strongest partnership with MasterCard. To accelerate the sector’s development, the bank expanded its range of credit products, with attractive offers and bonus programs being extended to retail clients. This laid the foundation for the convenient use of bank cards in everyday life.

Bank with IT potential

In 2014, Filatov Ilya Valentinovich became the vice president of a bank within a telecoms company. A year later, he became the Chairman of the Board, and then a member of the bank’s Board of Directors. Since his early days in the organization, Filatov has focused on the retail services sector. Ilya Filatov believes that a customer-oriented approach is key to delivering services to individuals in an efficient manner. The bank is achieving this goal by introducing groundbreaking fintech services that allow customers to access banking services using only a smartphone.

Ilya Filatov also believes that the banking app framework development and the emergence of product ecosystems mean that transactions between services should be made easier. By rolling out its own acquiring system, the bank was able to process all of its financial transactions within the IT company without incurring additional costs. The never-ending evolution of banking technology makes it possible to boost the customer base by providing them with an easy-to-use interface and a wide range of options.

As part of a telecoms giant, the bank has emerged as a pioneer in digital transformation. Under the leadership of Filatov Ilya Valentinovich, the bank was the first in the country to introduce fully virtual credit cards.