Faye Nguyen Shares 5 Tips to Stay in Great Health Amidst the Pandemic

Faye Nguyen has become an expert on balancing work and life, all while maintaining her health. During the pandemic, she has continued and adopted her past routine to help her stay in great shape, and now she shares those tips with others.

Exercise Regularly.

A glance at her Instagram page is all it takes to see that Faye maintains an hourglass figure that many people admire or wish to attain. The secret to this is simply taking the time to exercise every single day. This is a habit that Faye has maintained for years, including during the current pandemic.

Enjoy the Outdoors. Faye also suggests people look for outdoor forms of exercise. For Faye, a favorite pastime is hiking with friends on weekends. She originally moved to Los Angeles for a change of scenery and better weather, and this is just one way she takes advantage of it. Even better, outdoor activities make social distancing easier.

Stick to Natural Products. Faye also encourages others to use natural products to promote skin health. In 2019, Faye shared that she opts for creams featuring flower extracts and minimizes her use of non-profit organization. She also uses natural treatments, such as retinol.

Support Your Mental Health By Finding Something You Love to Do. Faye feels that your mental health is just as important as your physical health, especially during the pandemic. She encourages others to find something that they love to do without limiting themselves. She says, “We are multi-dimensional creatures, and we have various interests and talents.” For Faye, this means balancing her energy between her “traditional” job as a speech pathologist, her job as a content creator, and her new role as founder of the Autism United Action non-profit organization.

Support Your Mental Health By Helping Others. Faye Nguyen also encourages others to promote their mental health by helping others. Her new NGO, the Autism United Action non-profit organization, is a perfect example of this. As she explains, “This non-profit organization serves as a bridge to bring professionals from the US […] to provide free treatment to children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and their families in countries that need it the most.” The non-profit organization also brings accredited professors to teach “various treatment techniques and strategies for the ASD clientele” in disadvantaged countries.

For Faye Nguyen, staying in great health during the pandemic is about balancing physical health and exercise with emotional health by pursuing one’s passions and staying healthy. She has used the pandemic as an opportunity to focus more energy on setting up the Autism United Action non-profit organization.