Factors To Consider When Planning A Home Renovation

When considering renovating your home, you must consider many aspects of the project before deciding what to do.

The more time and attention you put into the planning phase of your project, the easier the task will be, and through clever design, you can help maximise the results of your home renovation. You can find plenty of tips and advice online on what to look for when renovating your home, and you can also see helpful information listed below. Take the time to plan your project accordingly, which can help ensure the results will leave your property looking stunning.

The Budget

The first thing you will need to determine is the size of your budget for the work you will do. You want to ensure you have a suitable budget for the scope of work you want to do and also ensure there is a contingency should problems arise, which often do in construction. The budget you have available will determine how much work you can do, so once this is finalised and in place, you can start planning your renovation project.

The Scope Of The Project

You can now look at your property and decide what work you must do to turn it into the property of your dreams. If you have a tight budget, you must prioritise the job you will do, and if it makes it easier, you can do the work in phases, allowing you time to save more money for the project.

Depending on the work you are doing, you may need to have plans drawn by an architect, and it may also require planning permission, which you want to get before starting work. It is worth consulting with an experienced architect, as you can use the knowledge and expertise to help maximise the use of space and ensure you use its full potential. Once you have a clear and precise plan of the renovation work you will do, you can start looking at contractors.

Finding Reputable Contractors

In an ideal world, you will want to deal with one contractor that can handle everything required for your project, and many contractors can do this. You must ensure that the one you decide to use is reputable and reliable, with experience of similar project previously. By reading online reviews, you can look at their online reputations to determine how trustworthy they are and see what their previous customers have to say about their services.

You want to see examples of the work any potential contractors have done previously, and many companies will highlight this on their websites and social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram. You want to ensure that you speak with multiple contractors when getting quotes for your project, and it is worth asking for a quote where you provide the materials, which can help you save money on the overall cost of your project.

Sourcing Materials For Your Project

Many people will let their contractors’ source all the materials for their project, not knowing they will pay over the odds for the things they buy. Most companies will put between 10-15% onto the cost of the goods, making it significantly more expensive for the customer. Once you have found a reputable contractor, you want to sit down with them and create a calendar of the work. Once the calendar is complete, you can create a shopping list of materials and when they are needed, and there will be lots of things needed, such as:

  • Drylining
  • Timber
  • Screws/Nails
  • Paint
  • Fixtures & Fittings
  • Cement
  • Sand
  • Bricks

Creating a spreadsheet shopping list for the materials you require is worth it and makes shopping easier, with each tab being for a different item. Once you have everything listed in your spreadsheet that you need to buy, you can start shopping around online to find the best prices for the required materials. Grouping orders with as few suppliers as possible can help you reduce delivery costs and keep costs down. Spending a little more per unit to group an order is often cheaper than purchasing the items from the most affordable company you can see when you include delivery.

Planning is critical when ordering supplies for your renovation as if the contractors turn up and the materials are not there, you still have to pay for their services. As such, you need to plan in advance and ensure you have everything on site before it is required to avoid any potentially costly delays to your project.

Disruption To Your Home

If you and your family currently live in the property you are renovating, you must also consider the disruption this will cause. You will still need to be able to cook, clean, eat, and relax, and you will need to make provisions for this while the work is being done. Pets are also a consideration if you have them, and it may be best to relocate them until the work is complete. You must be prepared to live in a dirty and dusty environment until the job is done, and if you cannot live in these conditions temporarily, it is best to relocate until the work is complete.

Stick With The Plan

Most contractors will tell you that one of the biggest problems with escalating building costs is when customers change their minds. It is why you must take your time planning your renovation project so the job can be costed accordingly, as any changes you make can delay the project and cause much more expense. Unless your contractor approaches you about doing things differently, it is best to let them get on with it and be confident in your choices.

With hard work, time, and patience, you can complete the renovation project to a high standard and create a fantastic living space for you and your family. Hopefully, you will come in on budget, and your careful planning and ordering of materials will pay off with no long delays or disruptions to your project. With some luck and hard work, your family will love their new home, and you can turn your property into the envy of your street.