Exciting ways to use logo animation


Using a Logo has been quite a common practice for companies and brands, and it has been going great for some years now.

A logo helps a brand to use a symbol that would help people differentiate between the offerings. With so many brands doing their business in the market, it gets really difficult to distinguish. In such a context, it is only the logo that allows a business to stand out from the rest.

With a continuous increment in the global competition and shrinkage of attention, this new technological era has witnessed the significance of brands to let people acknowledge them for the products and services that they have been offering.

Creating that first impression is thus, very critical and important for any brand, as that’s what sets it apart from its competitors. An Online video marketing platform also identifies and values the use of logos, which is revealed to the audience right during the launch of the brand. Logo animation has, thus, become an essential aspect of marketing. It is a great tool to catch the attention of your audience and, thus, help them know you!

With the burgeoning competition in the business sector, it is crucial to attract customers. Digital marketing has, thus, taken into the pace. Anything that moves or in motion is capable of gaining more attention than that of still images. As a result, brands today are more focused on creating their campaigns that have a greater visual appeal, with noise put in the background for better catch-up. Here are a few exciting ways to use logo animation:

Creating the intro with the brand logo:

Creating an alluring intro is one of the most significant things of reaching out to the audience. Since video marketing is used by almost all brands, it’s all about how unique and innovative you are in your approach that sets you different from the others. Before you actually move ahead, think of creating the introduction with an animated video, as it would dedicate a sense of ownership to the video right from the moment you play. Also, it offers a professional appearance to your production, making it look something more inspiring than ever!

End your video with the brand logo:

When you are ending your video, remember to add the logo all over again. This will serve as a reminder to your audience. It is indeed an amazing way to create a bookend with a clear message to your customers so that they get to know who you are! That’s the time when you should ask them to take the next step, be it calling you up for a demo product, or for downloading an application or anything else. There must be some or the other call-to-action, isn’t it? When you put forward your brand image and then tell your customers to avail of your service or product, they start to rely on you even more!

A lucrative logo will grab the limelight of trade shows:

A lot of brands prefer to do with giveaways so that the potential customers carry them home, and then get back to them! Indeed, that’s one of the most impressive gestures. However, with the growing age, customers have started giving more value to the ‘best’ one in all aspects. Trade shows are great opportunities to make people aware of your brand. Again, there are a lot of events going on. Thus, it gets tough to fetch the attention of people out there. A lucrative logo created on Invideo is capable of catching everyone’s attention at a glance. Such powerful is the visual appeal! Remember that these events are generally fast-paced. Therefore, you should focus on creating your animated logo that’s way different from the rest, something that would strike your audience’s minds even after they have left the show.

Incorporate your animated logo in your brand’s Email signatures:

Email is still considered as one of the most influential media for B2B businesses worldwide. Indeed, people still share big meeting information, seek quotations, and finalize their deals on the official email. However, the way you send your email script matters a lot! More than 95% of the users end their video with the same format, mentioning their names, designation, and, thus, a static video at the end. As a result, it gets ignored more often.

However, if you truly want to catch someone’s attention and would like to compel the user to take a second look at your email, it is definitely a great idea to add an animated logo right there!

Stand out in social media and website homepage:

One of the biggest platforms for digital marketers is none other than social media. With the ever-growing crowd of social media, it has become really difficult to stand out! If you truly want your audience to look at you, and revisit your campaign or visit your homepage on the next page to know more about you, a beautifully animated video could be the catch for all those redirections.

Most brands keep their customers aware of their newly available products and services on social media. Also, when you are already using your brand logo everywhere, why miss out on your website homepage itself? An animated logo with the right color contrast will compel your traffic to stay at your website for a little longer, and thus, pick up any of your services or products for that matter!

Bottom line:

With brands growing digital, one of the biggest platforms with such a huge customer base that you can never miss out is none other than YouTube. However, you ought to offer professional apparel to your video therein. A YouTube video editor will serve your purpose with the best design that your audience is sure to keep playing again and again, thereby forgetting that there’s a skip button available right at the tip of their fingers.