Eurodita Ensures Eco-friendly Living by Crafting Log Cabins Suitable for any Weather

Eurodita, a brand known globally for its expertise in creating sleek, sophisticated and very nice looking log cabins and log homes with all in-built facilities, has taken long strides since its inception in 1994.

Currently, Rolanas Kutra is its CEO. Eurodita fulfilled the dream of thousands of people across Europe to live in an eco-friendly way closer to nature. Such log cabins and log houses were real pieces of long expertise and experience of Eurodita, a company based out of Lithuania.

Eurodita, a company working worldwide and exclusively with B2B customers, now is in expansion mode. It plans to sprawl into different countries including Japan, New Zealand, and China.

In an interview, Rolanas Kutra outlined the further expansion plan of Eurodita and different other corporate affairs of it.

Question: Can you enlighten us about Eurodita? Tell us something about this company.

Answer: Eurodita is a globally famous maker of log cabins and log homes. It customizes such log cabins and log houses according to the specifications of the customers. On the basis of such specifications, Eurodita creates shape, size, quality and log and wooden materials for such log cabins and log homes.

Question: How Eurodita is partnering with others for mutual growth?

Answer: Eurodita’s corporate motto ever since its inception is You and Us, Together, we grow. Eurodita greatly values partnership in which both the partner and the company grows. Just to exemplify this corporate ethics, Eurodita’s partnership helped them get a 20% profit in the first very year and 95% of the partners experienced the quickest possible supply of log cabins and log houses and other materials. Within just four weeks of getting an order, the company supplies all the requirements of the partners.

Question: What are the safety concerns that you guarantee for Eurodita-made log cabins and log homes?

Answer: Eurodita specially crafted log cabins and log homes for its customers. They are safe for any environment. The wood, timber and sourced by the company are very strong. They are termite and other pests resistant and last long. They are resistant to cyclonic storms and earthquakes. Eurodita log structures also can be created in sandy sea beaches, rocky mountainous surroundings and mountain terrains.

Question: As log cabin living is growingly shifting to eco-friendly living, what is Eurodita doing in this direction?

Answer: Eurodita is always innovative and evolving. As far as the eco-friendly living of human beings is concerned, Eurodita guarantees it. It always uses 100% non-toxic materials and also keeps a very good in-built ventilation system to allow passage of sunlight and fresh air. Here, the eco-friendly green living to which people are now inclining globally is made possible.

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