Employee monitoring – A gateway to increase productivity of business

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Employee scrutiny is an old approach to increase the productivity of your business. Monitoring a staff is necessary to track their activities and work engagement at the workplace.

However, old methods are replaced with advanced technologies. With a monitoring app, businesses can measure the productivity of employees, collect proof of their dishonesty, ensure security and track attendance. With modern technology, it is easy to learn how to track phone activity of your workers. Here are some advanced options for a company to monitor the communication and actions of its employees:

  • Email
  • App and internet usage
  • Phone use
  • Recording a phone or computer screen
  • Audio/video surveillance
  • Location tracking via access badge
  • GPS tracking through the vehicle

The monitoring data can influence your decision-making process. It helps you to determine the appropriate rates, salaries, product prices, and business growth. Moreover, you will evaluate the performance of each employee.

Workforce Monitoring System

Employ monitoring system may vary in each organization because multiple apps and tools are available. See the available options:

Spy Apps or Trackers

Nowadays, you can track the social media activities of your employee with spy apps or Facebook Tracker. These apps are equally useful for parents, partners, employers and government officials. Concerned parents can monitor the social media activities of their child. The spouse can spy each other to get proofs of cheating.

Similarly, employers can monitor an employee’s computer and use this tracker to keep an eye on the social accounts of an employee. It will help you to ensure their honesty and loyalty. Spy apps make it easy to find a black sheep in your team.

Track Internet Usage

Almost 2/3rd of businesses monitor the internet use of their employees. You will also need a system to monitor your employees. With spy software, you can view the browsing history of team members. It is an easy way to find out if they are spending their time to work for your office or browse shopping sites. With this app, you can warn dishonest employees who are not performing their duties.

Email Monitoring

If you want to know the true intentions of employees, it is essential to monitor their emails. It will help you to get the solution to an anticipated problem. Moreover, email monitoring proves helpful to settle disputes. Advanced spy trackers can help you to monitor email communications of your employees.

Phone Tracking

Record interactions of your staff with users, clients, suppliers, and prospects. It will help you to track the behavior of customer support. By listening to their recorded calls, you can figure out their weaknesses and guide them accordingly. Moreover, you can uncover the reasons for poor feedback. If you are concerned about the misuse of a phone, tracking software can help you to monitor your employees and track their time on phone calls.

Spy trackers can help you to track the location of your employees. For this purpose, you have to provide your employees with the company’s mobile phones with a spay app. These trackers can help you to access the call logs, message history and list of contacts. In this way, you can easily track suspicious activities of a worker and protect your business from potential loses. After considering this data, you will be able to take the right decisions for your company.

Background Checking

Before hiring employees, you have to do their background check. A thorough examination can save your business from criminals. Your company must have a secure entry system to keep unwanted visitors away.

Moreover, management can restrict the access of certain employees to particular areas. For instance, only IT managers can visit server rooms. By limiting access to sensitive areas, you can decrease the security risks of your business.