Email marketing: How to apply without going bankrupt in the attempt

Marketing via email is nothing more than a very effective means to advertise goods and services.

When compared to other traditional marketing media, and even with digital marketing media, the low operating costs offered by this tool are impressive.

All the benefits of this resource have positioned it as the best strategy to market a product. And no wonder, after all, who does not like to earn large sums of money by making a minimum investment? The rapid return of currencies to use this tool, is another of its great attractions.

So much so that email marketing has become popular that all casino games use to capture followers. This trend has led many to lean to develop this sales promotion tool solely and exclusively, not in vain uses this resource to promote its platform.

However, the fact that many companies use this resource is not a guarantee that it is a success; you must know how to implement the tool correctly if you want effective results.

From the above, the title of this article arises: “Email marketing: how to apply without going bankrupt in the attempt. This is a call for the reader, the entrepreneur in person, to consider the pros and cons of the implementation of this resource, and so that those who already have it in place can objectively evaluate the results obtained.

It is also necessary to understand that, if a greater impact on the market is desired, this tool must be complemented with other digital marketing media.

Mismatches and successes of the marketing email

Certainly, the marketing email allows mass advertising, helping to reach hundreds of thousands, and perhaps millions of customers, with a simple click. However, this tool has its pros and cons.

If used well, email marketing can become a valuable tool that together can make your business grow like foam; but if it is used badly it can become a total disaster.


Here are some aspects of a bad marketing email campaign:

  • Irregularity in emails sending
  • A very short list of possible followers or clients without taking into consideration the afinity of elementsthat can link the consumer with the product.
  • The marketing content is inadequate because it is scarce, or because it contains information that is not relevant to the recipient of the email.
  • The email does not contain a link that redirects the recipient to the goods or service offered
  • The email contains too many links that confuses the receptor which causes fatigue and the prospective client chooses not to enter.
  • Another very common case is that the recipient enters the link that is proposed in the email, but the information is outdated.
  • The emails are considered spam and consequently bring complaints against the advertiser.
  • Last but not least, the lack of follow-up to the marketing email campaign.

What has just been shown are the most common mistakes made in the implementation of email marketing. Taking into account this series of aspects, and avoiding repeating them, is crucial to avoid the collapse of your business.


Now it was time to show the other side of the coin. The correct and effective implementation of email marketing allows  public notoriety in the receiver, resulting in a lot of followers and profits with very low investment budget

To achieve a truly effective campaign, we must consider the following:

  • Regularity in sending emails.
  • Relevance of marketing content so that the recipient identifies himself with our proposal.
  • Clearly indicate the link that we want the recipient to enter and, of course, keep the content of that blog or website updated.
  • Define the objectives of the marketing email, depending on the results obtained
  • Create incentives for the email marketing recipient to turn him into a follower
  • Email marketing should be associated with other digital marketing media to assure the diffusion of our products and services.
  • Monitoring, control and evaluation mechanisms should be created to quantify their results

Broadly speaking, those are the elements that we take into consideration for our campaign to be  successful and profitable.

Mechanism of Monitoring and Control of Marketing Email Results

To know if the marketing email campaign is paying off, we must create tracking parameters to validate its effectiveness. If the results are as expected, the work schedule is maintained, if not, the direction of the tool is redirected.

Among the parameters to achieve a good follow-up of the marketing email campaign, the following stand out:

  • Reading index: that informs if the recipient opened the email or not. This parameter allows you to reformulate the content to make it more interesting, entertaining or simply relevant.
  • Index of clicks: this parameter indicates if the receiver entered in the link that was suggested to him.
  • Return index: allows us to know the amount of emails returned by a particular recipient
  • Canceled registrations: this parameter tells us how many followers have canceled their subscription.
  • Forwarded Email: it indicates how many times the marketing email was sent by a particular client.
  • Spam claim: quantifies how many times your email was sent to SPAM.  

With full knowledge of the aforementioned parameters, we can guide and reorient our marketing policy through email, saving costs and auguring us with great success in the commercialization of our products and services. On the other hand, these parameters allow us to decide in time if we should resort to other marketing tools to achieve our objectives.

  Leave your email marketing in the hands of experts

Not all marketing email management can be handled inside our businesses, it is necessary to incorporate companies and people specialized in the field. Having trained people who handle new software technologies will allow us to quickly and effectively manage our campaign.

Having prepared people to master the aforementioned software facilitates the management of profiles, as well as the creation of subscriber lists, the specification of projected tasks, the improvement of emails and the statistical control of these, achieving with all this chain effective positioning of products on the market.

The correct handling of statistics helps us to choose the best time to send our emails, as well as to know more thoroughly the behavior of users to be able to obtain more effectively their attention and, therefore, achieve better sales of the products.

Do not wait anymore, take these tips and start to successfully promote your products and services through a good email marketing campaign.