Electricians and their fleet: Survey’s key findings

A recent study found that more than a third of UK businesses are hit by van theft a year.

In light of this, Vimcar conducted a survey, asking thousands of employers in the electrical service sector to participate. The survey identified a gaping hole in the sector’s fleet security.

Not only had 1 in 3 employers in the electrician service sector suffered losses from vehicle theft, but many were also experiencing abusive vehicle use from their employers. 75% of the employers surveyed restricted fleet use (for example, to only business use) and 2 out of 3 employers wanted a way to track that vehicle usage with a telematics system.

A telematics system, like fleet tracking, monitors the live location of all fleet vehicles and alerts employers of any suspicious activity. It, therefore, has the potential to save businesses in the electrical service industry thousands in terms of extra fuel, HMRC fines and replacement vans.

The electrician survey suggests that, within the electrician service sector, fleet tracking technology has the potential to fill a large security gap.

Below you can see the full findings visualised: