Electric delivery scooters and the fast food industry


Delivery scooters are used up and down the country. The businesses that utilise them span industries but there’s one industry in particular that not only uses them, but relies upon them.

Delivery scooters and the food industry go hand in hand, whether it’s a pizza joint or a burger bar. Delivery scooters are the blood running through the very veins of our favourite food restaurants and without them, we’d find ourselves without the delivery services we know and love, especially during one of those late night urges after a day on the sauce.

Delivery Scooters; The Wonder Scooter

Delivery scooters are nothing short of amazing. They’re easy to park, cheap to run and can zoom in and out of bus lanes without a fine. They’re far less maintenance than a car and with the help of a cargo box, can deliver multiple pizza boxes with ease. What if we told you there was still another option? This option would prove even more cost effective and of benefit to the entire environment too.

Electric Delivery Scooters Are Taking Over

Electric delivery scooters are taking over. Their popularity is growing and for good reason too. There are so many benefits to be had when you replace your petrol fuelled fleet with the more eco-friendly electric delivery scooters. So much so that the global food delivery group Just Eat has partnered with an electric scooter manufacturer in order to offer a 45% discount on electric scooters, in a bid to encourage their use with each of their restaurant partners. If you haven’t yet taken the leap and chosen electric, here are some of the biggest reasons you may want to:

Save Money

One of the biggest benefits for companies would be the money saving aspect. Before you’ve even realised just how little it costs to fully charge your electric scooter, you’ll save money via a lack of tax and MOT. While scooters may only have a small petrol tank and cost much less than a car, you’ll find a significant difference between a petrol scooter and an electric one. Electric delivery scooters require a charge via a plug point with one full charge offering around 50 plus miles. This costs pennies in comparison to a petrol run scooter.

Help Our Environment

With the only fuel needed being electricity, electric scooters mean saying goodbye to petrol and the carbon emissions that come with using these sorts of fuels. Reducing your carbon footprint isn’t just a great thing for your conscience; it’s also fantastic for our environment. Becoming eco-friendly is great for any company’s image but more importantly, the air quality around us. Just imagine the benefit to our world if everyone chose electric instead of petrol?

Low Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the biggest costs, fuel aside, when it comes to running any fleet. With electric cargo bikes however you can rule out maintenance on the engine for the simple fact, there isn’t one. There are no motors, just one simple battery. As a result, maintenance is super low. Think no MOT, just basic checks in order to keep on top of things such as lights and tyres. This would save any company a huge amount in time with reduced down time on vehicles, allowing you to fulfil those orders coming in from your customers at any time of the day.

It’s Time To Choose Electric With E Rider

Putting aside the money you’d save, the time you’d save and of course, the environmentally friendly nature of electric delivery scooters, they’re quality vehicles, plain and simple. E Rider, one of the UK’s leading suppliers offer fantastic quality electric cargo bikes with the Model 50 Cargo Electric Delivery bike being their most popular.

With a range of 80 miles on just one charge and a top speed of 50 mph, the question is, why wouldn’t your business, be it a pizza place or a health food restaurant, choose electric to deliver your food? With branding opportunities on cargo boxes as well as amazing deals on leasing contracts starting from as little as £50 per month, you’d be crazy not to.