EHS compliance software: get your organisation safe through a single application

What if it is possible to have a single application that can help your organization remain safe for its assets and people? In the past, safety consisted of many paper forms, checks, and separate systems.

Nowadays, organizations can leverage EHS compliance software that assists them to do so. This is a software package that can help organizations keep track of procedures, incidents, and audits. Not only does it keep track, but it can also create and log and be a central place for employees to get their information.

Creating a more efficient organization

Why do companies introduce software systems? Several business benefits are typically related to software introduction. For example, increased employee satisfaction reduced costs and improved efficiency. An EHS provides all these benefits through its introduction.

Application rationalization

When it comes to safety, organizations typically have several applications that help to keep track and monitor the safety of plants and people. By introducing EHS compliance software, the number can be reduced to a single application. This not only has the benefit of lower costs but also creates a centralized data pool to tap into. This data pool is made visible through dashboards that allow managers and employees to understand the current state of the organization.

Happier employees

Instead of a process that involves paper and numerous applications, employees can now make use of a single user-friendly application. This makes them more efficient and also creates a good overview of all that is happening. The application is available on their personal computers as well as smartphones and tablets. This makes it possible to access it from everywhere. Alerts can also be set. This means that employees will receive a safety notification in case something is wrong with the plant they are present at. This improves the evacuation effectiveness as well.

Following-up on tasks

Besides the previously mentioned functionalities, EHS software can also be a proactive companion. For example, workflows can be configured into the application. When a worker is completing a task, the system can already provide the follow-up steps to ensure a smooth process that does not miss a single thing. This is both safe, effective, and user-friendly for the worker that is performing the tasks.

Especially helpful in times of COVID-19

Safety measurements are embedded into EHS compliance software. This means that employees can quickly go to the app and can do a self-assessment if they feel sick. If they pass the assessment, they can come to work. If not, they need to stay at home. These assessments are part of the package as standard templates but can be adjusted according to the companies needs and preferences. This also holds for other COVID protocols that are enforced by the organization.

Investing in software that ensures a safe work environment will become increasingly important over the coming decades. It makes sense to invest in a central application over a dispersed set of applications across departments and units.