Eco-friendly home upgrades to increase home value


Giving your home an eco-friendly upgrade is a sure way of increasing its value.

Not only will it add thousands of pounds to the value of the property, you will also make a lot of savings on energy bills every month. If you are planning to put the property on the market, this type of upgrade will ensure that the property sale is faster. A truly eco-friendly upgrade should include a green heating system which encompasses boiler upgrade and a more efficient central heating system.

New Boiler Installation

The boiler accounts for almost 60% of the energy bill of every household in the UK. It is therefore sensible to ensure that the boiler is operating efficiently. It is essential to determine the right size of boiler that will be required since this influences its fuel use and efficiency. A small-sized home with a high heat output boiler will only result in wastage and high costs. The heat distribution system, hot water requirements and the energy efficiency of the home also influence the amount of heat required. New boiler installation will therefore require the expertise of technically qualified professionals in selecting a green boiler.

Many of the current heating systems utilize obsolete boilers that do not meet the energy efficiency rating of SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency of Domestic Boilers in the UK). Your boiler should be at least 88% efficient, but a green boiler which can convert most of your fuel into useful heating would be 90% efficient or higher. The traditional heating systems were designed with a large water storage tank to hold cold water and a smaller tank for the storage of heated water. The process of transferring water from one tank to the other leads to energy inefficiency.

On the other hand, green boilers are designed to eliminate this inefficiency by combining both tanks into one or ensuring that the storage tanks are as close to the boiler as possible. Many homes will find condensing boilers suitable provided they have the space for a hot water tank because the water they heat is stored in a tank. They however utilize over 90% of the heat they generate. Smaller homes will benefit from combination boilers which can provide hot water without the need for a cylinder. They may not be suitable for a large home where hot water is required in several places at the same time.

Installation of Under-floor Heating

Under-floor heating can be a cost effective alternative to the use of radiators especially if it is linked with alternative heating sources such as a solar thermal system. This can actually buyers and make it easier to sell family home. The wide floor surface is effectively converted into a radiator and it uses much less energy than the standard central heating system.

Home Insulation Upgrade

Another eco-friendly upgrade is home insulation. Up to 40% of the heat in the home may be lost due to poor insulation. Wall cavities can be insulated using materials such as expanding foams while solid walls are insulated by applying thermal lining to the wall’s interior. It is also essential that single-glazed windows are replaced by double or triple-glazed ones to reduce transfer of heat. Glass with special coatings which enables it retain heat within the room is now available.

Installation of Solar Panel Systems

Solar photovoltaic panels made up of semi-conducting materials have the capacity to convert energy from the sun into direct current (DC) electricity. This is converted by inverters into a form of electricity (alternating current) which can be put to use in the home environment. The draw-back with solar panels is that they are only able to deliver electricity in the afternoon when the sun is up, but this is usually a period much less electricity is required in the home. This implies that the energy must be stored in a solar battery for use later at night. Also, solar panels can only generate a small fraction of their rated output in the winter months when the sun is not out.

Though Installation is not very complicated and any professional company will do this job for you. Paired with a good battery you can overcome the storage issues and the UK in general, despite wet and cold does see a good amount of sunlight added Sunstore Solar.

Eco-friendly home upgrades add value to a property and make it a lot easier to sell home quickly. There are a number of upgrades you can carry out to make your home eco-friendly. These would be sustainable renovations designed to make your home more energy efficient. Cash buyers for houses are especially attracted to these homes because of their increased value.