Documents You Need to Sell Your House Faster

Home sale

Are you wondering why some homes take longer to sell despite having renovations done? Apart from the very important renovations, getting your house off the listing fast takes much more.

Just like other products, there is competition in this space. That is why you need to put the best foot forward. Homeowners who work with real estate agents to find buyers have better luck selling the homes quickly and for a reasonable price.

Documents and certificates are also vital when selling your home, and they need to be ready even before you list your home. Certificates increase the confidence of prospective buyers, and they are more likely to make a buying decision fast if you have the correct documents at the right time. Here are some certificates and documents required for a successful house sale.

1. Electrical Certificate

An electrical certificate is proof of electrical installation, and also the work done complies with building regulations. While there is no legal obligation to provide this certificate when selling your house, the buying party may be interested.

Most buyers will want to evaluate the safety of the house and the quality of electrical installation. The certificate is proof that your property satisfies the building regulations. A buyer will be more comfortable buying the property with such assurance.

The other relevant certificates include the gas certificate and energy performance certificate. The gas certificate is proof that all gas appliances are working correctly and are compliant with safety standards. Energy performance certificates will show how energy efficient the property is and may provide some recommendations on making the property more energy-efficient.

2. Property Title Deed

A title deed is an essential document in this process. It shows proof of ownership, and the buyer will want to look at it before making any transaction. Also, the buyers understand that the deed needs to be transferred to their name after the purchase. If the document is missing, then it means there will be gaps in the transfer of ownership.

Note that the document also highlights details of the property, like the purchase price and its condition. The title deed has to be available when registering the property in the buyer’s name. To avoid frustrations and delays in the selling process, ensure the document is available.

Note that the absence of the document may send the wrong message to the buyer. It may also raise questions on the legitimacy of the transaction and the ownership. More so, it will be impossible to sell the house without it.

3. Property Information Form

Proof of identity and title deeds are essential in the process of selling property. The other important document is the property information form. A serious buyer will want to know even the minor details of the property.

The form should include building proposals and notices, boundaries, current tenants, structural risks, warranties, and disputes. With these details available, you can be sure that the sale will not be held. Also, this will support you in providing the prospective tenants with the information they need when they need it.

Take Away

Remember that there is competition in the property market. If you are looking to sell your house fast, you must have the correct documents at the right time. Failure to produce them will bring doubt to the legitimacy of the process and may also cause delays. The delays will allow a prospect to look elsewhere.