Do you want high bids? Top charity auction items that bring in the money

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It’s not the travel and the wine that sells- it’s the once in a lifetime experience that goes along with it.

Auctions are a great way to build interest, excitement, and engagement around your nest charity event. Whether their silent or live auctions, providing your participants with exotic and thoughtful prizes are an excellent way to get people interested in your vision.

Of course, the object of any charity auction is to raise funding for a cause, but in order to get the highest bids available, you’ve got to think outside of the box when it comes to your items. Not only that, you will definitely need help, especially if you´re new to organizing charity auctions. Notable companies like Superstars, for example, can help with organizing everything, including choosing the best auction items that will lead you the highest bids.

On that note, we thought we would give a quick hand and give you some ideas of some charity auction items. From the wildest and most unique items you can think of, to the ones that are a certifiable hit, here are 6 of the top items that people love to bid on.


Memorabilia is an excellent way to raise money, quick. Beautifully mounted photographs and albums, sport trading cards, and signed one-off pieces are the best way to give your item docket a luxurious and one-of-a-kind feel. These pieces may be niche collector’s items, but they appeal to a wide audience. The beauty of memorabilia is that these pieces can appeal to any age group, gender, or race. They are inclusive no matter what demographic you are looking to secure. Charity auctions that house bespoke pieces of memorabilia are definitely on just about everyone’s watch list.

Travel Packages

Travel packages have long been a staple of almost every charity auction there is. When collecting your items, make sure that you speak to different providers that are happy to work with your organization directly to create packages that would be hard to get elsewhere. Almost every travel package you can concoct will be a unique experience for the buyer. Travel is an impactful experience that we all want to have more of! Who doesn’t love a vacation? Make sure that your travel packages include at least one unique experience or lodging option to make your charity auction the talk of the town.

Experience Packages

Experience packages are fantastic because often, they don’t require a huge amount of planning or the expense of putting together a travel package. Experiences can be anything from spending an evening learning from a local artisan to tickets to your local ski hill. “Spend a day as” events are becoming increasingly popular, allowing regular citizens to enjoy a ride along with a local police officer, or see what an average day is like for a high-end exec. These packages work really well-tailored to your mission too! If your charity sponsors a children’s hospital- put together an experience where donors get to be a candy striper. Zoological mission? Put together a once in a lifetime zoo or aquarium visit. Giving your donors a chance to experience your cause first hand.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a go-to for most charity auctions for good reason- they are easily affordable, readily customizable, and they sell quickly. Consider tailoring your gift baskets around a central theme, like a tin filled with kitchen accessories and high-end spices. Or a wine and cheese selection packed into a fun picnic basket. There’s no limit to how unique or expensive these baskets can be. They’re ideal for donors who want to keep the gift of giving going, as the work incredibly well to gift to friends and family.

Booze Cruise

Whether you’re setting up a bar crawl, wine tour, or just auctioning a fine bottle of rare scotch- the reality is, booze sells. The best selling auction items are definitely those that help people indulge in luxury that they don’t often get. Making these items that more enticing. It’s also fun to consider pairing a brewery tour along with a cooking class, or sommelier lessons with cheese making. Got a nice martini set to put in a gift basket? Throw in some lessons or dinner at the swankiest restaurant so your patrons will know exactly how to use that shaker.

Community Spotlights

You don’t need to ply your guests with far-flung destinations and expensive travel packages. Sending them to spots right in your own community can be a great way to spread awareness for your cause all while making people feel right at home. Exclusive deals and unique local experiences that are impossible to get elsewhere are a sure-fire way to get top dollar for your event. Consider pairing with the mayor for dinner at their house. Or choose dedicated community items, like bricks or park benches, with inscriptions. Get your local florist on board to provide fresh flowers for a year. Work closely with people in your immediate area to find clever and creative ways to showcase your cause and your community.