Dmitry Doev from VIS Group: From an ordinary engineer to an effective manager

Dmitry Doev

One of the top 2000 managers in the country, the current CEO of the VIS Investment Group, which carries out major infrastructure projects across the country

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Dmitry Doev: Biography

Dmitry Doev is 56. He was born in Leningrad but spent his early years in the small town of Toropets, where his mother grew up.

When he was three years old, his parents decided to return to the northern capital, settling in the Nevsky District.

The head of the family, Vitaliy Semenovich, was part of the intellectual elite. He had a degree in technical sciences and taught at the St. Petersburg State Transport University (then known as the Leningrad Institute of Railway Engineers).

The younger Doev had a mathematical mind, and he would travel several stops to take specialized classes. He excelled in the exact sciences, with a particular interest in physics. The humanities were less interesting for him.

After class, he often walked along the Neva embankments and in the courtyards of St. Petersburg. He would return home for dinner and then sit down to do his homework, he recalls.

During summer vacation, he often went to Toropets – he enjoyed spending time in the quiet town, away from the big city.

Technical education

When choosing a concentration at the Kalinin Leningrad Polytechnic Institute, he decided on the field of dynamics and strength of machines. He defended his thesis in 1989.

A few years later, he returned to his alma mater, this time as a teacher, leading laboratory and practical classes. However, after three years, his interest in teaching faded. In one interview, he mentioned that he couldn’t bring himself to be strict with his students.

From engineer to effective manager

After college, he started working at the Scientific Research Institute of Precision Instruments, which for decades has been developing unique onboard and ground radio-electronic equipment, information services, and software complexes that meet the high requirements of the space industry.

The Dmitry Doev biography was closely connected with natural and technical science research and development from that moment on. He worked at the Institute as an engineer in the combustion physics and explosion laboratory.

In the early 1990s, he tried his hand at entrepreneurship, with a broad range of interests. Together with his partners, he collaborated with companies in the industrial sector and organized the supply of complex technological equipment.

For over ten years, he was part of the management teams of several major gas and construction companies in St. Petersburg.

He headed Centrenergogaz, one of the subsidiaries of the global energy company Gazprom, helping to optimize business processes and form a centralized mechanism for repairs and technical maintenance of various gas supply system facilities. Also with his assistance, repair assets were consolidated, and the network significantly expanded with new branches.

In the second half of the 2000s, he took over a holding company that specialized in the repair and maintenance of gas extraction, processing, underground storage, and transportation facilities (main gas pipelines). Under his leadership, the company’s team, consisting of over 20,000 employees, carried out complex underwater and underground repairs. The company also took on various investment projects. By handling strategically important tasks related to import substitution, it developed the production of disposable parts as well as parts for predictable replacement used in the repair of gas turbine engines (GTE).

Dmitry Doev left the corporation in 2019 and, consequently, the gas industry. Experts consider him to have been a true reformer in this field. He then began to focus on gaining managerial experience in companies from other fields.

With VIS Group

The Dmitry Doev biography entered a new stage in the autumn of 2021. He now works for the diversified holding company VIS. His joining the team marked a new milestone in the development of this business structure.

Having headed the parent company of one of the leaders in the domestic public-private partnership market, he focuses on improving the quality of internal process management and developing new approaches to minimizing construction and other production risks.

Today, the technical and professional potential of the Group allows for the implementation of the most complex infrastructure construction projects in various regions of the country. The holding strictly adheres to all quality standards and ensures the fulfillment of all obligations in full.

Many of the company’s projects have to do with the modernization of transport infrastructure, including the construction of highways and bridges.

VIS is a socially responsible corporation, building modern medical, educational, and cultural institutions in the regions where it operates.

Doev Dmitry: Personal life

He is married, with two children.