Discovering tips & tricks in your laptop 


As the world accepts turns tech-savvy, it seems like everybody has one gadget or the other in their hands.

From tablets to smartwatches, laptops to smartphones; it feels like technology is here, and it is certainly here to stay.

However, how many of us know how to utilize our tech well? Let’s take our laptop; do you know how many tips and tricks remain hidden in your laptop to be discovered by you?

Let us tell you: tons!

From dictation to screenshots, it doesn’t matter what laptop you have. Windows 10 brings something for all of us. Let’s have a look at what your laptop holds for you:

Get Screengrabs

A feature that can save (and also ruin) lives, the infamous “screenshot” is a widely popular feature in our smartphones. But do you know, you can also capture your screen from your laptop?

Yes. You read that right. So, for example if you need a screenshot on Asus laptop; the process is quick and easy for all. It goes something like this:

Hold down your Windows Key along with Shift and ‘S’, a snipping tool will pop up and you can easily choose from the options given. Whether you want a rectangular screengrab or want a free-shaped one instead — you have the tools at your disposal.

Simply snip and save!

Snip & Sketch

Of course, sometimes you just don’t want to snip and save. You wish to annotate, highlight, and further edit a screenshot. Your laptop gives you that option too. There are 2 ways to go about this.

Firstly, if you have taken a screenshot by the Windows+Shift+S method, then you can click on the screengrab that pops up, and a window will open allowing you to make edits. Then, edit accordingly.

However, in case you wish to make a variety of edits; colors, multiple picture attachments, maybe some Clipart, then you need Paint. Not the real paint, the Paint on your computers of course.

For this, get a screengrab in the other way: Look for a “Print Screen” option on the keyboard. If you are taking a screenshot on a thinkpad, the key on the keyboard will be labelled as “PrtSc”. Press the key, open Paint, and press Paste (or ctrl+V). A screengrab of the entire laptop screen will have been pasted on your Paint board. Edit as you see fit.

Rotate It!

If you thought you could only rotate your phone’s screen — think again!

For your ease, the laptop’s screen presents itself to be rotatable, without you have to twist your head around. Simply press the Ctrl and Alt keys simultaneously and press the directional arrows as per your desire. Remember this:

  • Right arrow for 90° turn to the right
  • Left arrow for 90° turn to the left
  • Down arrow for a complete flip
  • Up arrow to revert to original position

In case the above-mentioned method does not work for you; it might be because of its compatibility with your laptop. In that case, go to Settings, then System, and then Display, and select the Display Orientation you need: Landscape, Portrait, or Flipped, etc.

Share It All!

If you are used to Apple’s Airdrop, here’s good news for you: Laptops with Windows 10 also allow for nearby sharing.

Whether you want to share documents or images with a person nearby, your laptop makes easy allowance for it. Simply open your image/file. Select the option “Share”. Multiple options will pop up. You can select “Tap to turn on Nearby Sharing”, and easily share with people nearby!

Simple, quick, and effective!

Rest Your Eyes: Go Dark

Whether you are a student or a professional, most of our days are spent in front of our laptop or PC, draining our eyes and energy in the name of work.

For such circumstances, we encourage you to: go dark!

Go to Settings, Personalization, and Colors. In the option of Choose Your Colors, you can opt for your default Light theme, or the Dark mode; friendlier on the eyes, and truly classic.

Speech to Text

A wonderful option for those who aren’t fond of typing or need to produce quick drafts, the speech-to-text option in our laptops is truly a blessing in disguise.

To activate it, you simply need to press the Windows Key and “H” key on your keyboard simultaneously. A microphone option will pop up. You need only place your cursor on where you wish to write and begin speaking. The laptop will sense you speaking, listen to you, and transcribe it onto the page.

The dictation option certainly makes life easier. No longer do we need to copy-paste information just to make our texts quicker. The dictation option can work just as well, or perhaps better. You will only need to add punctuation yourselves.

The Takeaway

Now that you are well aware of the tips and tricks hidden in your laptop, it is time to go and enjoy them for yourself. Get screenshotting or begin dictating your laptop what to write; the sky is the limit to the options you have!

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