Discover the Power of Co-founding: Join Kilo Health on Their Mission to Revolutionize Digital Health

Kilo Health knows that digital wellness is the future for both patients and practitioners, with the market volume predicted to reach $256.30 billion by the end of 2027.

Kilo Health knows that digital wellness is the future for both patients and practitioners, with the market volume predicted to reach $256.30 billion by the end of 2027.

The company aims to be part of this by making healthcare more accessible and efficient to a wide range of users.

For instance, they use AI technology to analyze and predict emerging trends, allowing them to come up with innovative healthcare solutions before competitors in the industry. A key trend they’ve successfully tapped into is personalized healthcare, developing apps that provide plans suited to the unique needs of each user.

One example of their success is having over 30 products in their portfolio, with a recent addition of the very first product catered to children – BommeranGo!.

This underscores the power of the ideas that have made Kilo Health an industry leader in digital health and wellness. They are now using this position to help others bring their ideas to life with their innovative Co-found Program.

What is the Co-found Program?

The Co-found Program is a collaborative initiative allowing budding entrepreneurs to launch, lead, and scale new digital wellness solutions that help people live healthier lives.

Successful applicants are given access to Kilo Health’s expertise and resources to take their idea from the development stage to being market ready. One of the benefits of choosing to join the company on this program is that they can fast-track this process due to their industry know-how, and products can be launched in just a matter of weeks.

Entrepreneurs not only receive the financial support they need to make their venture a success, but they’re also given the opportunity to assemble their own team that will be fully dedicated to bringing the idea to market. Alternatively, they can use one of Kilo Health’s ready-made shared teams of experts.

And if the idea doesn’t fit, then there’s no need to panic. They have a huge backlog of interesting ideas ready to be explored and just waiting for the right person to lead them.

Taking the leap: Become a co-founder today

Interested in contributing to the digital health revolution? Joining Kilo Health’s ranks to kick off a new market-leading company has never been easier, and you can get the ball rolling in just 3 simple steps.

The first thing you’ll need to do is apply by hitting the “Co-found with us” button. Kilo Health works with highly driven individuals, so budding entrepreneurs will then be asked to complete a form with their details. Following this, they will have a brief chat to discuss their idea and expertise.

Once your passion has been confirmed, the team will be in contact to discuss how the partnership will work and what they can do to help build a company of long-lasting meaning and value.

“Co-found programs are a game-changer for startups. Financial support is important, but so is an ecosystem that nurtures and empowers founders to execute their ideas successfully. With funding as well as the right guidance, resources, and expertise, co-found programs can unlock the full potential of a startup and turn it into a thriving venture,” says Vilius Cesnauskas, Chief Business Development Officer at Kilo Health.

Final thoughts

With their hugely successful portfolio of more than 30 health and wellness products, Kilo Health makes an ideal partner for those looking to launch their own digital health company.

Providing access to their established infrastructure, resources, and finance means that turning your entrepreneurial dreams into reality has never been easier.

Learn more about the Co-found Program here.