Different Ways You Can Divide Space In Your Workplace

Half of the largest international employers are planning to cut their office space in the next three years, according to a survey, as they struggle to manage the complex nature of the post-Covid workplace.

A large open-plan office space can become noisy and distract your workers, reducing productivity and increasing the distractions in the workspace.

However, you can combat this by using office partitions in your office’s floor plan and layout, which can help segregate areas and make a more comfortable workspace. There are many ways to divide your office space and many types of partitions you can consider using. You must evaluate the needs of your business and select the best option within your budget to divide your office space suitably. Below are some of the various partition options you have available when you want to divide your office space, with options to suit all tastes and budgets.

Demountable Partitions

Demountable partitions are a popular choice for many company offices, as they are versatile and cost-effective. Demountable partitions attach to the floor and ceiling, and as the name suggests, you can take them down and relocate them if you decide to change the floor plan or layout of your office space. One of the reasons they are cost-effective is you can claim the demountable partitions against capital allowances tax, as they are classed as a plant and machinery asset. The partitions are easy to install, are available in various colours and designs, and are a common choice in many offices throughout the UK.

Drywall Partitions

Drywall partitions are one of the cheapest options available when looking for office partitions to divide space. Out of all the partitioning options available, drywall partitions are often the most affordable choice. They are also quick and easy to install, and if needed, you can incorporate additional acoustic or thermal insulation, which can help make your workplace more comfortable. These partitions are usually made by creating a wooden framed and then covering it in plasterboard, and once complete, you can decorate them any way you wish. However, they are a practical option but not very aesthetically pleasing, so their suitability depends on the workplace environment you are trying to create.

Single, Double, & Triple Glazed Partitions

When natural light in your office space is a serious concern, an excellent choice for dividing space in your office is using glass partitions, and there are a few standard options you can consider. Using single-glazed or one of the other types of glass partitions is an excellent way to allow natural light to flood into your workplace. If noise or temperature is also a concern, you can use double or triple-glazed partitions to create a glass partition wall in your workplace. These options can provide additional acoustic and thermal insulation while letting plenty of light into the office, so they are an excellent option. They are a popular option with many UK businesses, and they can make your office seem much lighter, especially during the winter months when there is less daylight.

Switchable Glass Partitions

Another partition option you can consider for your office which is best for meeting rooms, a board room, or executive offices is switchable glass partitions. These glass partitions can give you privacy when you need it, as with the switch of a button the glass partitions turn from transparent to opaque. They are excellent when you need privacy for a meeting or interviews, and they are also an excellent way to create a fantastic first impression. However, one drawback with this partition option is that they are more expensive than many other types of office partitions.

Sliding Partitions

If you need a way to create a multifunctional space in your office that regularly changes how you use it, sliding partitions are an option you can consider. These partitions can open or close quickly and easily, and you can open or close the space in a matter of minutes. They are also a cost-effective solution that is easy to install, and it does not take a lot of strength to open or close them. You often see these types of partitions in schools, canteens, community centres, and other places that need a versatile partitioning option.

Curved Glass Partitions

Another partition option that can help make an excellent first impression for visitors to your work premises is curved glass partitions. As with switchable glass partitions, these are best suited for meeting rooms and executive offices and can be expensive compared to other options. They can help you create a fantastic aesthetic for your workplace and help you make the impression you want for your office space.

Above are a few options of partitions you can use in your workplace, but there are more options if you prefer. Look at all the available options and speak to a professional office design company. They can help you select the best option for your business that will make a comfortable and productive working environment. For more unconventional office partition ideas, click here, and you might see something that suits your workplace.