Difference between VAT and sales tax

Different types of taxes are implied on a product when it is being developed and after its development process has been completed.

The implications of these taxes are different and so are their calculations. VAT and sales tax are two types of taxes on the products being sold. The implications and regulations of these taxes are different. Here are some core differences between VAT and Sales tax

Implications on each development stage

The sales tax is not related to the value added at each stage of the product development. It is applied only after the product development process has been completed. Hence, it can be said that sales tax is not connected to the development process of the product. The implication of VAT is completely opposite. VAT (Value Added Tax) is applied at the end of each product development stage. The value of VAT depends on the percentage applied and the price of the product as well. When the product has been development, the value added at the end of every stage is added. This is the total VAT value which obviously has to be paid by the customer when he is buying the product. In other words, VAT is included in the price of the product.

VAT is not applied at a flat rate

When you talk about sales tax, it is applied at a flat rate on the total product price. Sales tax has nothing to do with the value added during each stage of product creation. It is applied at a flat rate on the overall product price. For instance, consider that the total price of the product is UK Pounds 100 and GST percentage is 10 per cent. When the GST would be calculated, the tax would be applied at the rate of 10 per cent on the product.

  • As compared to sales tax, VAT is not applied in one stage at a flat rate. The value of VAT is calculated when each stage of product creation reaches completion. The total value of VAT is the sum of all individual VAT amounts.

Why do you need to choose Calculators.tech VAT calculator?

When you are performing calculations, there are both easy and hard ways to accomplish the task. The hard way is that you should use a pen and paper to perform all calculations. First of all, if you are choosing this option, be prepared to give in a lot of time. It is never easy to perform complex Finance calculations. You may get stuck in between or make mistakes. All these issues occur when a proper online calculator is not being used.

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The simplest steps of usage

Using a tool does not pay off when you have to spend immense time and effort to learn the tool. People who look for VAT calculators prefer simple tools so that they do not have to go through any learning process. The online VAT calculator is very simple and saves a lot of time for the users.

  • It is a tool which can be used online without anything being downloaded. When you click the link of the tool, the interface of the tool would be displayed with the input values being listed on the left. Users have to enter the values of the Product Price and VAT percentage. The tool would then generate results of output values. These include the Gross Price and Tax Amount.
  • Users of this tool are not charged for anything and there are no trial versions as well. Users can use the tool for as long as they wish to without paying for any service. This is something that other tools fail to offer. You may find some VAT calculators offering free usage but there are certain conditions attached to this offer. For instance, the tool has a trial version valid for few days. When this version expires, the user would have to either purchase the tool or stop using it. This VAT calculator does not apply any such restrictions on the user. He can use the tool free of cost for as long as he wants to.

No need to perform a recheck

If you are performing financial calculations without using a tool, you would have to recheck the calculations. This is because as humans, we make mistakes and a recheck clears the doubts to some extent.

  • This VAT calculator has zero dependability issues and you can trust the results in a complete manner. This reliability is not present with every VAT calculator. Now, when it comes to performing calculations manually, it is a cumbersome and tiring procedure. Secondly, even if you are able to complete these calculations, you would have to go through a recheck process. This is because when calculations are performed manually, there are high chances of mistakes being made. Hence, rechecking is mandatory.
  • Users who use a quality VAT calculator save themselves from all this hard work. First of all, they do not have to go through any calculations manually as the tool does everything for them. Using digital tools offers a lot of incomparable benefits including saving precious time. Calculating VAT manually means putting in multiple hours to complete all calculations. A proper VAT calculator would not consume so much time and the output values would be calculated quickly. People who are professionally involved in financial calculations look for time saving and accuracy. The Calculators.tech VAT calculator easily fulfils both these requirements.


There is no doubt that financial calculations have a certain level of complexity involved. It is hard to perform them manually without the use of an online calculator. Other than that, selecting an online VAT calculator randomly is not smart thinking as well. It is important to assure that the calculator being used is dependable. The VAT calculator by Calculators.tech is dependable and used online so you do not have to waste time on installation procedures. Other than that, you can be absolutely sure about the reliability of the tool.