Crypto Gambling at Wazamba Casino: Feature & Advantages

Nowadays, more and more casinos customize their websites to accept crypto transactions. This trend is explained by the increasing popularity of crypto payments.

Today, each third online purchase and money transfer is processed via crypto channels. Thus, the gambling industry can’t stand aside since more and more gamblers want to play with crypto. In the article, let’s discuss what crypto solutions are offered at Wazamba and highlight the main benefits of this gambling method.

Being one of the top-rated gambling websites, Wazamba was a pioneer in the customization of the website to crypto processing. The casino holder reacted to the introduction of a new payment method swiftly and pleased loyal players with new opportunities.

Wazamba Crypto Gambling: What is it and How Does it Occur?

When proceeding to gamble for real money, players have to top up their bankrolls. In addition to classic fiat currencies, nowadays, gamblers can use their crypto funds to replenish accounts. The following crypto funds are supported on the website:

–   Bitcoin;

–   Tether;

–   Ethereum;

–   Litecoin;

–   Dogecoin;

–   Ripple;

–   USD Coin;

–   Tron;

–   BEP20.

Wazamba offers one of the richest assortments of accepted altcoins. Note that crypto channels are accepted for money transfers on both sides, i.e. deposits and cash-outs.

Pure Crypto Casinos VS Customizable Gambling Websites: Difference & Peculiarities

When considering the issue of crypto gambling, it’s important to differentiate between crypto casinos and classic online casinos with the ability to pay with altcoins. Below, let’s outline the difference.

Pure crypto casinos are advanced modern websites, where players can create crypto accounts, i.e. select altcoins as account currencies, which allows for avoiding exchange. Such casinos offer advanced game software, where it’s allowed to make crypto stakes, i.e. software developers adjust casino games to process altcoins for bets. That is, casino functionalities are customized to gamble with crypto.

Online crypto-friendly casinos are classic gambling websites where clients register ordinary accounts with fiat currencies but have the opportunity to transfer money via crypto channels. Wazamba is an example of such a website. In this case, players can use both fiat and crypto funds. However, note that only fiat currencies are accepted for account registration, which means that if a player deposits or withdraws funds via crypto channels, they are automatically converted.

Benefits of Crypto Gambling at Wazamba Casino

Still, conversion does not come as a significant drawback since crypto transfers are very beneficial due to other pros, which is why even classic gamblers prefer to transfer wins via such systems. The main advantages of crypto transactions include:

  1. No fee. Cryptosystems do not charge fees on transactions, or even if they do, fees are tiny if compared to other payment system providers, such as e-wallets.
  2. Instant processing. Money is transferred within a few minutes without delays. Cryptochannels are recognized to be the fastest payment providers.
  3. 100% privacy and confidentiality. Due to transparent transactions and decentralized algorithms, cryptosystems guarantee the highest level of user data protection.
  4. Easy and unlimited accessibility. Players can access their accounts from any corner of the world and keep track of crypto movements.

Generally, it doesn’t matter what type of crypto casino you play at. Anyway, crypto availability gives extended opportunities for secure and swift money transfers at favorable conditions. This is the main reason why gamblers tend to switch to this type of gambling.