Covid Period: The Right Time to Outsource Software Development

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The term “new normal” is slowly making its way into our everyday vocabulary. This enormous change from conventional operations to digital ones — known as digital transformation — is taking place after many rounds of epidemics in many nations throughout the globe.

The implementation of digital transformation initiatives is not a simple undertaking, even if we all know how important it is to businesses and organizations. While major corporations may have a strong in-house software development team, if the workload becomes too heavy in a short period of time, management may still need to examine outsourcing options in order to save budget on recruitment and infrastructure investment.

The Pinnacle of Digital Transformation Leads to the Ultimate Speed of Software Outsourcing

Software outsourcing

can leverage digital transformation waves. On the contrary, digital transformation is also a factor that has a strong impact on software outsourcing trends worldwide. And without a doubt, the continuous pandemic of the coronavirus has given enterprises the drive to accelerate their digital transformation, as well as restructure their business strategy to react to the new market realities.

The only stumbling block may be the labor necessary to carry out these inventive initiatives. And it is for this reason that organizations all around the world attempt to recruit talent from all over the world, regardless of location. It is because of the increasing demand for digital transformation that has led to the explosion of software outsourcing trends. While most industries shift to providing online services, healthcare software development is a real challenge. Healthcare-related businesses strive to provide a smooth digital experience, secure data processing, and integrate these features into patient and clinical staff user routines.

Why Outsource Software Development During the Coronavirus Outbreak?

There is no question that the outbreak will have a negative impact on all companies throughout the world. That is challenging, but we don’t want to sit back and let the pandemic pass by without finding a sustainable way to bring the company up when the pandemic ends.

Clients are bracing themselves for the end of the pandemic, which means now is an ideal moment to perform software development projects and integrate technology application systems to better satisfy them. Significantly, consumers are now advised to utilize online shopping apps in order to secure their own safety, and online education platforms increase contact between professors and students, or virtual events are organized methodically and more.

The COVID Period and the Global Demand for Software Development Outsourcing

For years, the COVID-19 dilemma has influenced corporate practices in many countries and industries. The most obvious examples are activities that need the attendance of stakeholders in person. However, human beings have increasingly discovered a means to swiftly adjust to inconveniences.

KPMG predicts that 80 percent of future revenue growth would come from digital services and operations by 2022.We are adopting texting and video calling applications instead of face-to-face conversation. And when developments emerge one after the other, capturing the attention of companies, they substantially boost the pace of software outsourcing in an indecision-unequal distribution of personnel across locations.

Trends throughout the pandemic and their influence on software development outsourcing demand

Custom software development takes the throne

Before the pandemic hit, over half of companies said that one of their top three digital goals was using technology to reduce corporate expenses. And at a time when companies are forced to physically close down and work remotely to stay healthy, custom software is necessary for organizations that digitize their operations and procedures.

As technology has become more widely accepted, companies have started to grasp and implement this mindset. Custom software products were born as a useful tool in both operational management and customer interaction, attracting customers. These can be products developed for web-based or mobile platforms. They promote convenience, speed, and accuracy for end-users.

Enterprise cybersecurity is on investment

According to Gartner, among the industries targeted by cyberattacks are the following:

  • eCommerce
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing

Attackers tend to have enough time to inflict damage on a company’s computer systems, since the typical cybersecurity breach takes an average of 280 days to be discovered and contained. And of course, these unethical violations have caused a lot of trouble for business owners—inside companies, customers and related members—bringing the total amount of damage to an average of $3.86 million.

Many companies have begun to notice the significance of raising their cybersecurity spending as a result of the rise in remote working. And certainly, one way or another, cybersecurity for businesses needs to be raised and focused on as much as possible—especially in this time of high social distancing.

Artificial intelligence enhanced to promote Automation

To talk about AI’s acumen and efficiency, let’s look at the example of customer service and product demonstration. A customer service representative and salesperson are tasked with listening – collecting customer opinions and recommending products to customers in order to gain trust. And interestingly, AI can absolutely do this!

According to a new Salesforce study, only half of consumers believe that organizations typically understand their requirements and expectations. Sixty-two percent say they’re receptive to firms embracing artificial intelligence (AI) as a way to enhance their experiences. Today’s customers/consumers also feel the professionalism and superior service of the business expressed through AI. Therefore, this model is on the way to widespread worldwide popularity.

Bottom Lines

The importance of software development in the optimization of digital transformation cannot be overstated. As a consequence of the digital transformation journey, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an impact on software development. One of the many benefits of using digital technology in the midst of a pandemic is that it allows governments to interact and engage with populations in real time.

And to move in sync with the trend flow, timely support from developers is indispensable. And the software development outsourcing services are reasonable for businesses that do not have a strategy to recruit an additional in-house IT team.