Could Online Tutoring Be Your Next Money-Making Hobby?

Looking for a lucrative side-hustle? Online tutoring could be your ticket into making a quick and steady income, all whilst working from home.

Learning online became pretty non-negotiable during the pandemic as we were forced to work and study remotely. With homeschooling now more popular, it’s no wonder that online tuition is rapidly rising in popularity.

The unknown benefits of online tutoring

Private tutoring is now one of the best ways to earn quick cash, with flexible working hours and no commuting costs. This means you have a better work-life balance and can spend your time more freely — whether that’s with your family, travelling or even focusing on your university studies.

You can choose to be a private tutor part-time or full-time, choosing your own hours. Being a private tutor means you get to dictate your own day and schedule, meaning you can be your own boss. Not to mention, you get to work from anywhere — choose to tutor from sunny Spain or your local cafe at your leisure.

Did we mention that you can teach your favourite subjects? Tutor House, for example, teaches courses in all subjects from the common to the niche, including (but not limited to) languages, music lessons, psychology and even chess!

You can also choose which level or age you’d prefer to teach, whether primary or secondary school, degree level or SEN pupils. Working with students from disadvantaged backgrounds and vulnerable pupils is especially rewarding, as you’re actively working on closing the education gap. Either way, you’re involved in boosting someone’s educational achievements simply by doing what you love.

Who can become an online tutor?

If you have some teaching experience and a degree in your area of expertise, then you’ve already passed the first test. It’s very popular for current or ex-teachers to continue private tutoring and carry on their enthusiasm for their subjects.

University students and graduates find private tutoring a blessing in disguise; not only are they guaranteed a paid job, but they also boost their own confidence and skills in their degree to achieve top grades.

Essentially, if you’re someone who enjoys teaching and has a passion for learning, you are perfect for tutoring.

How much can you earn by being an online tutor?

Rates vary depending on your level of skill or qualifications, and how much time you have. The threshold is usually between £20 to £90 for new and expert tutors respectively. Hypothetically, let’s say you start on the basic rate of £20 per hour, doing 5 lessons per day Monday to Friday, you could be earning £500 a week.

According to the latest news, some tutors can make around £3000 a month — which is more than the average paid salary.

Perhaps you’re someone who has a passion for Sigmund Freud or Jane Eyre. Now imagine if you could get paid for following your hobby by a tutee who needs your wisdom? That’s almost free money.

Beginning your journey to online teaching

Some things you might consider are how to prepare, plan and structure your lessons. It’s also worth looking into the specification requirements from exam boards like Edexcel, OCR and AQA for GCSE and A-Levels, rather than go in blind.

But first and foremost: if you’re looking to start a career or a new hobby in online tutoring, you need to find a credible platform.

Tutor House is a UK leading online tuition company that works with over 15,000 private tutors, providing full training and a list of potential tutees. They match you with students that meet your requirements and vice versa, saving you a lot of time and hassle in the process. Click here to sign up and become a tutor today.

Naida Allen

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