Corporate Christmas wish-list — 4 must-buy gifts

office Christmas party

As we speak, Santa’s elves are probably busy packing his gift sack with goodies in preparation for the world’s most demanding night-shift on Christmas Eve.

And after reviewing his naughty and nice list, we’ve got to wonder who he’s decided has made the grade.

Is it possible to see the outline of a brilliant Brexit deal for Theresa May taking shape under the sparkly wrapping, or will it turn out to be a wooden spoon?

And could the best present ever be a surprisingly robust 2019 for British businesses and jobs?

These big questions are notoriously tricky to predict — but ensuring that you and your employees plan a fabulous festive season and a lucrative New Year is a positive move that should pay off.

If you’re making your corporate Christmas wish-list, here are four must-buy gifts.

Cash bonus

Chocolates, flowers and office Christmas meals are all well and good, but at this expensive time of year, most workers probably prefer cold, hard, cash.

Your budget will obviously dictate what you can afford — but you don’t need to break the bank to splash out an amount that seems significant, enhances loyalty and spreads goodwill.

So take a lesson from outdoor clothing store Kathmandu,which hit headlines a few months ago by rewarding employees after reporting bumper profits.

IT infrastructure

Describing new PCs, laptops, servers, storage and software to employees as Christmas presents is unlikely to be met with much enthusiasm. But if troublesome, outdated machines and systems are a constant frustration, replacements will be welcomed nonetheless.

Whether you work in tandem with a major firm like IBM on bespoke IT architecture or contract a reliable local firm, investing now will ensure you can deliver objectives more efficiently in 2019.

New website

If your website resembles a Ceefax page from 1985 and hasn’t been updated since the dawn of the internet, it’s certainly time to treat yourself to a spanking new one.

An attractive, functional website that’s mobile- and SEO-optimised is the engine of a dynamic digital presence that drives conversions and bolsters your bank account.

Connecting with a web development agency like Attercopiaensures that your revamped site suits your operational needs down to the ground and you’re making the most of sales opportunities generated on Google and the wider web.

New interior

The physical environment in your office can have a subtle yet powerful effect on employee mood, motivation and wellbeing.

So if your ecru office resembles the set from Prisoner: Cell Block H, it’s little wonder that staff aren’t exactly whistling zip-a-dee-doo-dah as they go about their business.

Refurbishing your space so it’s light, spacious and contains a mixture of social breakout areas and quiet rooms will revolutionise the way you work and revive flagging employees, so contact a design consultant like Bridge Interiors for professional advice.

These four corporate Christmas gifts will help you jingle all the way into 2019 — start shopping today.

What are you buying your business this Christmas? Share your thoughts in the comments section.