Clouds of flavour: the diverse tastes of the vaping tradition

Vaping was invented (or at least so the story goes) by a Chinese chemist, whose father had recently died of lung cancer. In the beginning, then, it was pretty much explicitly intended to be a clearcut alternative to smoking, one that was far less harmful and that could hopefully save lives as a result.

Obviously, things have come an incredibly long way since then. Not only do we have a vast array of different kinds of devices, but we also have pretty much every single flavour you could possibly imagine.

The situation we’re in now is that if you can think of a flavour, someone will have tried (and probably succeeded) in synthesising that taste and putting it into an e-liquid. Let’s explore some of the main categories that flavour smiths have been experimenting with.

Fruit flavours

Perhaps the most popular niche of flavours, we have a vast range of fruit-inspired options. Some of the most popular classic options include watermelon, apple, and then more explorative options such as passionfruit.

These flavours, stocked by suppliers such as Wholesale Disposable Vapes, are often surprisingly similar to the fruit that they’re designed to emulate, being both refreshing and, in some cases, slightly tangy!

Who mentioned dessert?

For those who want something a little sweeter than just fruit, the e-liquid chefs have got you covered. There’s a whole niche of flavours centred around the theme of desserts, and some of them are absolutely delicious.

There are all sorts of cheesecakes, ice cream flavours (from Nutella to mango sorbet) and pretty much any top-pastry you can imagine. If you’re on the move and want a taste of your favourite dessert, you can now actually have that, pretty much anywhere you like.


While some people choose to vape for the sweet flavours, a lot of people just want something as close to smoking as possible, with a far lower health risk. In this case, it’s definitely worth taking a look at the broad range of tobacco-inspired flavours.

If you still want that unique taste, but without having to burn your lungs with smoke every time, you can pick a tobacco vape. This can be particularly useful if you’re using it as a tool to quit smoking, and want something as similar as possible to start that transition.

Drinks drinks drinks

Lastly, you’ve got all of the beverage-inspired flavours. Again, if you have a favourite drink (Cola? Coffee? Orange juice?) and you just always wanted to see what it would taste like when inhaled, well the good news is that now you can.

There are a surprising number of beverage-themed flavours, even in most local corner shops and supermarkets! If it doesn’t sound great, all we can say is don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

While this definitely isn’t an exhaustive list, it probably covers the dominant flavour themes. These trends are changing all the time based on demand and innovation, so this list will (hopefully) be out of date in just a few years.