Checklist for empty offices


Due to Covid-19, many offices have been empty for months to avoid any risks. Because no one’s around, it’s possible that small issues don’t get noticed as fast as they normally would.

That’s why it’s a good idea to check your empty office every now and then; e.g. every two weeks, to make sure there aren’t any issues. In this article, we mention some things that might need a check-up!

Are there enough disinfectants?

If every now and then someone works at the office, for instance because they need to use the equipment at the office, it’s important they can work safely. Make sure there are always enough bottles of disinfectant (Dutch: ontsmettingsmiddelen) in the office to use for the dispensers.

Make sure nothing is leaking

Leaks can cause many problems for your building, your electricity and the documents you keep. When everyone is in the office, a leaking tap or a leak through the ceiling is quickly noticed. But if no one is around, a few drops per minute can quickly cause a lot of problems. Therefore, check every time you are at the office that there are no leaks and/or water damage, especially if it has stormed or snowed a lot!

Fight odors

If someone or some people are still working in the office every now and then, chances are that the refrigerators will be used. And if someone then forgets leftovers and no one notices for weeks … it can become a stinky mess. Can you imagine the smell of a forgotten tuna sandwich? Therefore, always check what is still in the fridge and, if necessary, throw leftovers in the bin. And maybe while you’re at it, throw out the trash if the trash bag in the bin is smelly.

Water the plants

If you have plants at the office, it would be a shame if they would all wilt because no one is watering them. Don’t forget to give your office plants some love when you’re in the building! Also make sure you don’t over-water your plants, because then they might start rotting. We know it’s tempting to give a lot of water – especially if you’re only around every few weeks –  but for plants it’s better to be a bit thirsty than to drown. If you do that, you might notice ants in your plants the next time you check out the office, because they’re drawn to the wetness. And that’s annoying! Luckily, you can combat ants with nematodes (Dutch: aaltjes) for instance, but let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that!

Are there any other things you check when you’re in the office? Let us know!