CCI Kenya on the benefits of outsourcing administration processes overseas

CCI Kenya, the leading BPO provider for UK businesses to cost-effectively move customer service and administration functions overseas.

CCI Global has been a global leader in the business process outsourcing (BPO) sector for over 17 years. CCI, with 14 sites across the African continent and well over 12,000 customer service agents, are the international outsourcing expert for companies in the US and UK for outsourcing parts of their customer delivery overseas:

One of their key business divisions, CCI Kenya, based in Nairobi (including Tatu City – coming Q1 2024) deliver offshoring services for high-growth international companies across:

  • Customer call centres and customer contact management
  • Customer loyalty scheme and membership management
  • Lead-generation, outbound consumer sales, and agents to deliver consumer sales
  • Back-office support – administration, finance functions, quality assurance to international standards

CCI Kenya give us a little look into the value of particularly outsourcing your administration processes (data-entry, data validation, compliance, assurance, accounting, email support) overseas to help your business expand more profitably.

CCI Global and CCI Kenya on best practice BPO of administration processes overseas for international clients

CCI Kenya has been bringing this experience to East Africa since 2016, and has grown rapidly since then. To meet demand from domestic clients and international outsourcing clients, CCI Kenya has developed international call centres in Kenya to deliver excellent customer service strategies and a talented English-speaking young workforce to fulfil administration tasks for growing businesses needing to sustain specialist capabilities.

There are around 3,500 employees working for CCI Kenya, across two sites. By Q1 2024, the CCI Global division will move into its purpose-built state-of-the-art facility at Tatu City, Nairobi. This will increase its capacity to around 9,000 employees, who will work on different projects and sectors primarily in the US and the UK.

BPO covers digital customer management strategies and much more

Business process outsourcing (BPO) covers various functions, ranging from CCI Kenya helping BPO partners with customer contact, customer outbound calls (billing, loyalty schemes, customer support),digital customer management strategies, business growth strategies or to deliver consumer sales, and of course, back office administration support.

In order for international clients to derive true value from their BPO partners, the service must display a deep understanding of the client’s sector, understanding of the international standard those partners work in, SLA execution, and the agents must display specialist capabilities. And it has to all be cost effective.

And this is exactly what CCI Kenya offers to the 30+ leading brands the division now works with.

CCI is scalable and flexible

“The CCI Group as a whole – and CCI Kenya as its second largest division – has the flexibility and scalability to successfully manage high volume tasks in a highly effective way,” explains Managing Director of CCI Kenya, Rishi Jatania

“While we work in a call centre or contact centre capacity for some of our clients, for others we provide all kinds of back-office support, finance and accounting, data entry, processing and management and, for some, insurance processing tasks too.

“Every business we work with needs focused cost-effective solutions, and our company is able to provide these. We work quickly to establish the skills necessary to provide the solution to companies looking to outsource – whether that’s for retail, telecommunications, across leisure sectors or mobile technology – and develop a deep understanding of the needs of the client.”

Processing and administrative services from CCI Kenya

CCI Group acts as a global delivery network for the following specific processing tasks:

Back office support

Whether it’s the company headquarters at CCI South Africa or via CCI Kenya, improving client processes are a key part of the business process outsourcing support offered by the wider CCI Global group.

“We focus on finding the best possible solution to streamline the entire customer experience through the improvement of all kinds of back office processes and core operations for our client businesses,” explains Rishi Jatania.

“The kinds of services within this sub-sector range from content creation to administration and accounting. Plus, of course, there are many other functions and tasks that don’t necessarily fall under direct interaction with customers, but that are vital for the business.

“The difference between our customer management services and others in the African BPO landscape lie in our highly motivated, educated employees and carefully honed skills.”

Financial and accounting

CCI Kenya fully understands that businesses are working in a fast paced commercial environment, that demands swift solutions from outsourcing experts.

As such, CCI works with leading brands to develop effective fully centralised contact centre operations. Using the latest technology and training, these bespoke solutions can be set up to deal with customer complaints, requests, queries and any associated challenges.

Data entry, data processing and data management

CCI works with businesses within artificial intelligence and machine learning by supporting all kinds of data pre-processing, structuring, cleansing and management.

This involves the management of huge data sets that are then sent on to technology organisations for their machine learning models, for example.

Data validation

Data validation and quality assurance services are managed by CCI for businesses’ data generation operations. Through various methodology, CCI ensures entries and transactions are accurate and detailed.

Insurance processing

CCI offers a full range of outsourcing specifically for the insurance sector. This includes everything from policy validation, policy co-ordination, claims management and information gathering for financial organisations or for financial teams within organisations.

Localisation and translation services

Thanks to its hugely diverse talent base in Kenya and across Africa, CCI has access to endless cultural diversity and multi-lingual capabilities.

This allows CCI to offer companies a raft of local knowledge services that can be tailored and adjusted according to individual market needs around the world.

High quality employees leads to high quality services

“We’re able to offer such a variety of cost effective BPO services to our clients due to the quality of our award-winning agents,” says Rishi Jatania, MD of CCI Kenya.

“Our internal training is second to none and we focus on investing in the development of our agents as well as the recruitment of incredibly talented young people. Kenya’s general trajectory and its wealth of highly educated, talented people is part of the reason why Tatu City is the ideal location for our newest location. Africa is a region of economic transformation and Kenya is one of the fastest moving countries.

“Companies all around the world are waking up to the BPO landscape in Africa, to the incredible service that we can offer to multiple sectors. Tatu City itself reflects the country’s commitment to investing in its people too.

“Tatu City and CCI form a major part of the Kenya Vision 2030, that aims to transform the country into a safe, thriving middle income country with opportunities for local people. As the BPO sector continues to grow – across retail, telecommunications, mobile technology and leisure sectors in particular – our services are more and more in demand. This is particularly the case for countries such as the UK, the US and Australia who recognise the highly effective way CCI Kenya operates.

“Africa will continue to overtake India and the Philippines in terms of prime oversees BPO companies, and CCI fully intends to continue leading the way.”

For more information on CCI Kenya, please click here CCI Kenya.