Card design: How to get a memorable business card

Business cards

In this article, we will comment on the points that must be taken into account regarding the design of business cards, in order to transmit an image that is professional and memorable.

Key tips for business card design

1. Analyze the “target” and corporate identity

A very important aspect is to know our “target” or target audience to detect if the recipients of our card are more modern or on the contrary belong to a conservative and traditional sector. Elements of typography and corporate identity will set the guidelines to follow in regarding the design of the cards so that it adapts to the conditions of our market.

2. Information to include in the business card

The information of the business card is one of the main doubts that arise to the users at the time of elaborating their cards. The advice is to design unique business cards that are clear, direct and concise, avoiding the excess of information, which we can include in our website. The design has to be basic and with the strictly necessary information, avoiding saturating the receivers.

3. Size of the business card

In this sense it is better not to risk, that is, measures such as a credit card. Standard measures in vertical (55 × 85 mm) or a horizontal composition (85 × 55 mm). You have to look for the practicality of the card, to be able to carry it over when delivering it to a potential customer.

4. Printing of business cards

Always doubts the number of cards we should print. In this sense, it will depend exclusively on the type of business model. A restaurant does not have the same needs as a freelancer, these, for example, with 300-500 units are served. If it is a large company, it is advisable to order more than 1000 units.

5. Changes in the design of the business card

The frequency with which the design of a business card must be changed will depend directly on the sector of activity and the professionals who are working on it. For example, in the digital world these changes must be frequent given their expiration date.

6. Where to print business cards?

The print must have a minimum of quality as an added value and in a printing house that is of total confidence. A quality card refers to the one made on cardboard of between 300 and 400 g / m 2. Another valuable option is that of plasticizing on both sides. By way of conclusion, the design of a business card will not be the same if a print shop is ordered directly or a specialized graphic design studio is commissioned. The latter will provide exclusive and 100% customized designs. The best option you can opt for is the latter, since some printers have a much more traditional way of working and are not usually as up-to-date with respect to design trends.

Author: I’m Arslan Riaz, founder of I am also an expert writer and blogger, as knowing about animation and having more than 4 years of the incident. I mainly focus on blogging, writing and searching unique techniques.