Can the Australian Government Control Gambling Ads?

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The relationship between the government, regulatory organs, and laws allowing betting and gambling in Australia, like many other countries, are entwined. This is due to the many acts, law articles, legal rights, etc.

The latest suggestion about gambling ads in Australia could be prolonged as the government wants to implement and attach additional messages to these ads. The government is now reviewing the reach of gambling ads which is yet to be seen as the answer to this problem.

What Is The Government’s Plan?

New mandated advertising taglines based on new behavioral research have been implemented, along with increased problem gambling among internet gamblers.

Online gambling businesses in Australia currently advise customers to ‘gamble responsibly’ in their ads. But, with the new changes, they must begin running a new set of messaging early next year in advertisements they publish on TV, radio, apps, digital or print advertising, social media, and websites.

According to a new set of guidelines in the National Consumer Protection Framework, online gambling operators must inform their consumers that gambling is not all great, with slogans such as, ‘Chances are you’re about to lose.’

Other new taglines include:

  • Imagine what you could be buying instead.
  • Is this a bet you really want to place?
  • What are you really gambling with?
  • What are you prepared to lose today? Set a deposit limit.
  • What’s gambling really costing you?
  • You win some. You lose more.
  • The warning ‘For free and confidential support, phone 1800 858 858 or visit’ must typically be included with the new types of gambling advertisements.

Amanda Rishworth, the minister of social services, said that the federal government will now mandate the first set of nationally uniform warnings regarding the possible risks of internet gambling.

What Is The Purpose?

To prevent ‘message fatigue’ for customers, an upgraded version of the consumer protection framework will also compel gambling operators to guarantee a complete rotation of the taglines for over 12 months.

Online betting is quickly developing into a bigger part of gambling and a bigger part of people’s losses, according to Rishworth. She continued, ‘We received a lot of input, and more importantly, we based our taglines on evidence.’

The new slogans are the result of an in-depth behavioral study. A parliamentary inquiry into online gambling and gambling harm was just launched by the government. The inquiry will look at consumers’ well-being and overall protection.

Subjects like counseling and support services, educational initiatives, regulation, and licensing frameworks, and whether or not ‘gambling-like activities’ in video games like loot boxes or social casino games should be covered by existing laws already in place.

Online Gambling Statistics And Comparison

According to the government, Australia has the largest gambling losses of any nation, with an average annual loss of $1,276 per person. Another problem is that gambling rates have increased significantly as well. The numbers say online gambling rates rose from 0.6% of the adult population, which was calculated way back in 2011, to a staggering 1.23% in 2019.

In 2019 alone, Australia made around AU$20 billion in the gaming sector. This increase was also shown in a study conducted by Central Queensland University. Namely, here it was found that the rate of problem gambling among online users is significantly higher, at 3.9% of all online gamblers, as opposed to 1.4% of players who use poker machines exclusively.

Who Is Affected the Most and Why?

“New South Wales has started a wave that might see more sports teams join in the campaign against problem gambling,” stated Charlotte Wilson from In time, if the ads are as effective as expected, online casino revenues will drop. This will have a huge impact on the gambling market.

Even already existing gamblers will feel the shift should the ads-to-come have the intended influence. The domino effect may reach specific online casino segments such as bonuses, prizes, rise of wagering requirements for the deals, and RTPs of future games overall.

The adverts will leave an impression on gamers, which will subsequently be passed on to online venues, eventually reaching game developers and other gaming firms. The potential chain reaction might permanently alter online gaming, or at least until certain reforms turn the tables.


Although Australia’s lower house of parliament launched the inquiry on September 15, 2022, the reforms are expected to go into effect the following year. However, things should not be taken for granted because there is still a chance that this entire ad campaign would fail due to counterarguments.