Can business concierge services increase productivity?

Any business, no matter how streamlined, can benefit from freeing up internal resources. The use of support systems for accounting, payroll or HR advice isn’t a new concept in the corporate world, but concierge services have gained increasing popularity with employers in terms of salary sacrifice or voluntary benefits all geared around making the lives of staff – at or outside of work – more balanced, more valued and more fulfilled. We take a look at how such services are making a difference to businesses.

Employees with fewer distractions in their personal lives work harder

The increasing influence of a millennial workforce is making employers think twice about concierge-style benefits. Time is now more important than money for many employees as salary or career prospects don’t always come out ahead of lifestyle or perks. For businesses that want to retain and employ the most talented staff, they need to get creative in terms of benefits.

Concierge services that employees can use to book holidays, arrange childcare, conduct personal shopping and even find the best local gym memberships can reduce employee time constraints, making them able to spend more time at work. They help them become more focused at work by being happier outside of it.

Concierge services as part of an employee benefits package

Creating a motivated and happy workforce isn’t easy and it isn’t just about financial benefits, either. Putting in place employee recognition programmes as a way of saying ‘well done’ and ‘thank you’ to staff can promote positive workplace behaviour.

When employees are given incentives to work towards and reach their goals, the higher success rate is reflected in the business’ bottom line. The practical advantages of offering concierge services to employees, especially in helping with their personal lives, means reducing the hundreds of millions of pounds it costs the economy each year in non-productive activities completed ‘while at work’.

Companies can use concierge services to enhance their business offering

Barclays Bank, for instance, has been offering travel, motoring and entertainments exclusives as part of their paid Additions account for their customers. Breakdown cover or travel insurance claims are covered with just one call to the dedicated helpline, in effect offering a kind of lifestyle concierge package for banking customers.

Entertainment and gaming companies have noticed this too. Mr Green casino has its own preferential site called Club Royale, offering more than just the usual standard gaming options like slot machines or gaming tables. It focuses on offering top-class entertainment experiences as in-game rewards including trips around the world and access to unique sporting events. It also offers exclusive hosted events, bespoke promotions based on the user’s preferences and a personal account manager offering one-to-one concierge services.

Concierge services business can offer employees

Any business can create bespoke concierge services for everyone: not just the high-flying executives, but for hard-working employees trying to balance that all-important work/lifestyle balance:

Travel – Searching for the best holiday packages, or booking flights, hotels and cars.

Social–  Seeking out and booking tickets for theatres or the cinema as well as restaurants, sporting events, spa weekends and one off experiences like cookery courses or experiential weekends.

Personal services– Including gift sourcing, finding a cleaner, home help, babysitting or health and beauty services.

The level and extent of services are usually tailored to requirements, leaving businesses to determine what kind of image or service they are looking to create for their company and their hard-working staff.

When a business gets busy, it can often be difficult for staff to keep pace with corporate meetings, confirming event space, and booking travel arrangements. It is often time-sensitive requests like these that can have a knock-on effect on the rest of the business – and where a concierge service becomes an important business tool.