Call centres in the Philippines 

Tech Support

Call centres are an essential function of a business and in many ways act as the ambassador of your business.

Even in today’s modern, computer-driven, technologically advanced world, we still all crave a phone call conversion when it comes to the bigtime issues.

When we are experiencing an issue, and our adrenaline and frustration start to rise, we become increasingly agitated which does not make for sound decision making. At some point, we throw our hands in the air and say, “Can someone just help me?”

This is where the call centre comes into play. Now a call centre can handle a variety of functions and issues, and most are specialized. These functions can include but are not limited to tech support, customer service, back-office, telemarketing and so on.

Obviously, none of these functions are identical and the skills and expertise will vary position to position and centre to centre. But with that being said, the overall goal and purpose of these call centres are the same. They are built and designed to handle incredibly high volumes for a sustained amount of times and their purpose is to assist and help the customer with whatever their issues are.

For a business, there are multiple ways to do this, and initially, you may think that having a watchful eye and control over it by keeping it in-house is the answer. However, this may not be the case given the cost. Sure, the day to day operation is costly like any in-house operation, but the real cost comes from employee turnover.

This too is situational and dependent on the role or function of the call centre, but across the board, call centre positions have one of the highest turnover rates for a job. Particularly, this is the case in the West where these jobs are typically not very high paid ones, the work is both grueling and relentless, and in most cases, they are entry-level jobs. The added-up costs of frequent employee turnover cannot be overstated.

The choice to outsource this job is honestly pretty clear. And when you are looking to outsource a business process where do you go? You go to the business process outsourcing headquarters of the world, the Philippines.

In the Philippines, the hub for call centres lies within the city of Manila. And in the city of Manila is the home of Piton-Global. As a leader in the mid-sized business world, Piton’s team has been built to handle all of your omnichannel contact centre needs and here is how.

The Philippines itself has been hard at work building out its business process outsourcing industry over the past 20 years. This process has allowed them to build out a sophisticated system and grid to handle this industry like no one else in the world can.

The business process outsourcing industry itself has been a key player in the growing national economy in the Philippines. What is good for the BPO industry is also good for the country. This means, and logically so, the industry is having the backing and the support for the Philippine government. Follow the money, as they say.

The Philippines is home to a fast-growing and educated youthful population. In the country, unlike in western countries, call centre employees are actually paid well by local standards. Call centre jobs are in high demand and regarded.

Next, a lot of outsourcing comes from the West, and in general, we live in a world where 20% of the global population speaks English. BPO employees in the Philippines are native English speakers with neutral accents which makes communication easy across the board. By nature of working in a call centre you can imagine how important communication is.

Three things are clear here. Outsourcing your BPO and call centre services is the obvious choice. Outsourcing to the Philippines is the right choice. Outsourcing to companies like Piton-Global the best choice.