Buddy Buds PRO UK Reviews: Is This Earbuds Legit or Scam?

The most recent trend in audio technology is the emergence of earbuds.

These small, noise-canceling headphones allow people to listen without cables tangling up and getting caught on things while maintaining a stylish look for their listening experience that doesn’t require much maintenance or attention at all times, thanks to its built-in magnets.

Today, earbuds are a must-have for anyone who spends their day plugged into an iPhone or laptop. They provide the convenience of staying wireless while listening to sounds from users’ devices without having any wires get in between them and what matters most – getting work done.

The Buddy Buds Pro EarPods are a great option for anyone who wants to get the best possible sound quality from their headphones. They provide:

  • Comfort and an enjoyable experience perfect for long listening sessions.
  • Traveling time.
  • Even everyday use at home.

About Buddy Buds PRO

Buddy Buds Pro Earpods is a high-quality listening device that will fit in users’ ears perfectly. They come with speakers to enjoy the clear and deep sound quality as well.

The modern version of the traditional earbuds is a lightweight wireless option with an innovative design that allows people to wear it around their ears and carry them about in style. The built-in Bluetooth technology makes connecting quick and simple for all devices, including smartwatches.

The Buddy Buds Pro Earpods are a convenient, portable earphone with a full stereo-quality sound that features active noise cancellation to maximize concentration. They do not muffle the surrounding environment but eliminate it for users.

The Buddy Buds Pro Earpods are a great way to make phone calls without the need for pesky wire tangles. They work with most of today’s technology and can be found in many products, such as android phones or windows devices that do not have Bluetooth capabilities themselves.

Give music an extra boost with Buddy Buds Pro Earpods. These headphones will give users the same great sound quality as regular buds, but they’re thicker and more durable. Plus, these can plug into any device – no matter where they are or what type of audio output it has (3.5mm headphone jack OR Bluetooth).

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Features of Buddy Buds Pro Earpods

Buddy Buds Pro Earpods is an excellent product that has several top-notch features.

  1. Good wireless connectivity: This new set is designed with Bluetooth 5.0 and will connect seamlessly to the user’s phone or another device to listen wirelessly without having any cords getting between users again. It features twice as fast data transfer rates than older versions of Bluetooth technology plus four times more range on each connection which means less interference from external factors like walls etc., resulting in an even clearer sound quality every time.
  2. Waterproof: No more worrying about the expensive headphones getting wet or dirty when people go for a swim. These waterproof, sweatproof ear pods will keep them clean and protected no matter what.
  3. Fast charging: The battery case is what makes this charger so great. It has a quick charging capability, allowing people to charge their device swiftly and efficiently with the added safety of protection for those who may not know how or want an on-the-go charge! With up 240 mAh capacity in each individual cell inside (that’s over two total charges!), it’ll keep going longer than ever before without worrying about running out during any one use period.
  4. Transmission Distance: The product’s wireless features make it a must-have for any household with multiple users. One person sitting at their desk can use it, or if anyone wants more room coverage throughout their whole home, just set up some extra zones.
  5. High battery capacity: People can listen to their favorite tunes on these earbuds for up 60 days before they need a charge. With the 30 mAh battery capacity, they will enjoy Pro Earpods without interruption or the risk of losing sound quality.
  6. LED light: The LED light on this earbud not only signifies when it’s switched to but also shines brightly enough for users to be seen in low-light conditions.
  7. Wireless Charging: Charging this ear pod is made easy with this wireless charging case! Just lay it down on a mat and watch as the battery slowly charges up.
  8.  Stability: Step into the future with this high-tech, noise-canceling earbud. With its advanced technology and sleek design, users will enjoy a superior sound experience while blocking out external sounds so that only their music cues matter.

Using method of Buddy Buds Pro

The Buddy Buds Pro is so easy to use. Turn on the earbud with the power button and wait for it to confirm that people are ready by glancing at its indicator light, then pair up any two devices of a similar type (like an iPhone or Android phone). People will know if they are paired right away because both sides should show “powered” in green text on a blue background after pressing play.

Buddy Buds Pro offer the best possible sound quality and have all of the favorite features. Connect these tough, durable earbuds to any Bluetooth-enabled device for a better listening experience that users will love.

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Specifications of Buddy Buds Pro

Buddy Buds Pro has many top-notch specifications that make them stand out in their market.

  1. Bluetooth version V 5.0: Ditching the old earbuds for newer, better tech, users are in luck! This new set is designed with Bluetooth 5.0 and will connect seamlessly to their phone or other devices to listen wirelessly without having any cords getting in between users again. It features twice as fast data transfer rates than older versions of Bluetooth technology plus four times more range on each connection which means less interference from external factors like walls etc., resulting in an even clearer sound quality every time.
  2. Sweatproof: No need to dread the thought of ruining those delicate sounding cans with salty water as they take on an adventurous life in an outtake from pools. Now breathe easy knowing that these unique devices are there waiting (and ready) at all times – just like superheroes should be protecting users who find themselves somewhere without their phones today.
  3. 240 mAh battery case capacity: The battery in the charging case is 240 mAh. This means that it can charge quickly and efficiently, giving people more time to use their devices.
  4. 10m Transmission Distance: The new device can transmit wirelessly, with a distance of over ten meters.
  5. 30 mAh Battery: Buddy Buds Pro are equipped with a 30 mAh battery that allows people to enjoy up to 4 hours of playing time and 60 days standby.
  6. Charging Method: There are two ways to charge the earphones case. One is by connecting it with a USB cord, and the other supports wireless charging.
  7. Built-in LED light: This device comes with a built-in LED light that indicates when the earbuds are turned on.
  8. Wireless Charging: The wireless charging feature on this ear pod makes it simple to charge. Lay the case down and let the ear pod get its juice from a distance.
  9. Smart Control: The buttons on the earbud are easy to use, with power and pause/play functions that can be controlled discreetly.
  10. Magnetic Density: This feature lets people enjoy their favorite music without the bothersome noise of traffic and other outside sources. The earpiece features a built-in microphone. It can be used as an audio intercom system, letting one person talk while another listens in on opposite channels for safety or if someone needs help carrying something heavy.


Buddy Buds Pro are available to purchase on the official website, and customers can get them for $89.95 with free shipping. They might want to buy these before another company starts selling a knockoff version that will cost much less than its original counterpart–or even worse yet. This product has a higher quality sound due to being made by Apple instead of an outside contractor like Bragi or Sennheiser.

The company’s products are shipped out of Salt Lake City, UT, and customers can also select expedited shipping for an additional $4.55-$6 fee depending on their order size. Fourteen days after the date they placed it in production (the day before), users would then wirelessly receive a confirmation email with further instructions and information regarding how long one has until billing time begins so they may prepare financially if necessary beforehand.

Money-back guarantee

Many people know it sounds like a lot, but if they are waiting for the perfect pair of earphones that will work with the phone or computer, this is an investment. With Pro Earpods’ lifetime warranty as well as their 30-day no-questions-asked money-back guarantee (they’ll even pay return shipping), there’s nothing stopping people from getting their hands on these babies.

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Is the data transmission secure?

The system’s security is top-notch, with 256bit encryption to keep users’ information safe.

Is this ear pod suitable for sports?

The Buddy Buds Pro is the perfect earphone for active people. Users can wear them while playing sports without any problems, and they are sweat-resistant, so their ears will never get wet or uncomfortable during those tough workouts.

What is the product standby time?

The Buddy Buds Pro comes with a standby time of about 72 hours but will discharge more quickly if users make frequent phone calls and listen to music. In continuous use for three hours at a stretch, these earphones last longer than many other models on the market today.


Buddy Buds Pro are perfect for those who need a little help tuning out the world. With these earphones, people can enjoy their day without having any distractions or worries about losing sound quality! Visit their official website to learn more about this offer from Philips Norelco today before it’s too late.