Bringing Alcohol Detox to the Home

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So you’ve finally decided to leave behind the drinking lifestyle and change your life. First things first, hats off to you!

It takes lots of courage and strength to make this life-changing decision. If you’re a bit scared about committing to treatment because of the many scenarios in your mind about detoxing in a medical setting, don’t be, because there’s some good news.

Did you know you can go through a medically-managed alcohol detox process from your home (and even fully recover from this process) without stepping into a treatment facility? Yes, you read that right. Read on as we take you through what an at-home detox process entails and its benefits.

At-Home Detox Process: What to Expect

Let’s be honest. If skipping detox was an option for those wanting to get started on their sobriety journey, many would gladly do so. The reason is obvious — going through withdrawal isn’t the easiest thing. Even so, it’s good to remember that nothing worthwhile comes easy — and that includes a sober lifestyle that starts with the detoxification phase.

Through this medically-supervised process, alcohol is removed from your system to give your body a clean start. That way, your body will no longer depend on alcohol to feel physically stable. It may be a tough process at the beginning, but it sure gets easier in a matter of days.

Even better is that medical home detox services from treatment providers such as are readily available, which means you have all the reasons to look forward to a safe, comfortable, and successful detoxification journey.

An expert team of clinical staff will come to your home and facilitate the entire process from start to end. Your detox journey at home can’t begin without your provider creating a personalised plan for you. That’s because everyone battles alcohol addiction differently, so your detox needs are unique.

The IOP program in Tucson offers this personalized plan for those looking to detox at home. The medical team will take the time to understand your addiction history, your current health condition, and any underlying mental health issues.

To put this plan together, your provider will assess your alcohol use history and overall health. When they have the relevant information, it’s much easier for them to predict the level of detox care you’ll need. With a customised home-based alcohol detox plan, rest assured you’ll receive the highest level of care even though you’re undergoing this process in a non-medical setting.

The best part? You’ll be given the right medications to make your withdrawal symptoms more manageable. You’ll receive professional support as you safely withdraw from alcohol. That said, detoxing from home successfully can be safe and effective thanks to these new services.

Many people today have gone through a home-based alcohol detox program and proceeded to the next phase of their recovery (therapy). You can, too. This type of program has a couple of benefits:

  • You’ll enjoy your privacy

Privacy has got to be one of the best things about detoxing from home. If you’d wish to keep your alcohol detox journey only between you, your treatment team, and your loved ones, a home-based program is for you. Everything happens within the confines of your home.

These home detox services are big on client confidentiality, and that’s exactly how they’ll keep your home detoxification journey — confidential.

  • At-Home Detox Means Less Anxious Thoughts

We get it. It’s hard trying to keep the tension away when you’re starting your recovery in an unfamiliar environment — with several new faces in almost every corner of the facility. Detoxing from alcohol at home under supervision will save you from all the anxiety.

Look at it this way: You’re already used to your intimate home environment. Your loved ones are no strangers to you. So there’s a pretty high chance you’ll feel at ease throughout this process.

  • The Presence of Your Support System

Detoxing from alcohol isn’t a smooth experience — especially during the first few days. When you undergo this medical process at home, you’ll be around your loved ones most of the time. That’s a good thing because you’ll have constant emotional support to get you through the difficult moments.

Not to mention, you’ll have someone to take care of your house, prepare you nutritious meals as your body heals from the process, and tend to your pets as you recover.

  • The Convenience Is Unmatched

Detoxing from home with the help of specialist support will give you the freedom to still engage in other activities (when you start to feel better). If you like doing your self-care routine in the morning, catching up on your favourite show in the evenings, or have some unfinished tasks to sort out, a home-based program will work perfectly for you.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your life can still move on even as you recover. In all honesty, you may not find this flexibility at a treatment facility.

You Can Begin Your Alcoholism Recovery Journey From Home

Alcohol detox treatment exists to heal your body from alcohol dependence. You deserve to feel like your normal self again —  to feel alcohol-free. Luckily, you can decide where you want to undergo this treatment from. There’s a lot to gain from completing a home-based detox program. With the assistance of empathetic treatment professionals, your home can be the safe space where your journey towards becoming a sober person begins.