Boosted: A Fast Social Video Creation App from Lightricks

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Videos are perfect for engaging your audience and supporting your marketing initiatives. However, the time, effort, and cost of creating videos can be a huge roadblock.

Not many are familiar with best practices for shooting and editing that will let them create professional-looking videos. Go-to options like working with freelancers or using professional-grade DIY video creation tools can cost an arm and a leg, preventing business owners and marketers from creating videos.

If you’re struggling with these issues and you’re looking for quick ways to create stunning videos with ease, without having to pay out-of-this-world fees, then the Boosted app, published by the developers at Lightricks, is a solid solution.

With Boosted, you can create amazing and engaging marketing and social media videos with ease, whether you’re starting a new business and using videos to promote it, launching new products, attracting audiences for lead capture, highlighting a timely sales promotion, or simply keeping your social feed fresh. The app offers free and affordable paid plans. It makes your video creation process quick and easy, eliminating the need to use complex apps or work with costly marketing agencies.

This review covers the key features on offer with Boosted and how you can use them to create professional marketing videos for your business.

Customizable templates

One of the best features that Boosted offers is its library of professional, ready-to-use templates, which you can easily customize to fit your brand and its video content needs.

Choose templates designed for specific industries, from fashion, professional services and food, or for seasonal themes like holidays.

The app lets you customize the template you choose however you like, allowing you to replace or add to the default stock video clips with your own footage, and include branding elements such as your logo and color palette .

Using the templates can speed up your video creation, especially if you don’t have the experience, time, or budget, to make engaging marketing and social media videos.

Editor tool

Boosted has a simple and intuitive interface for customizing and editing your content. You get easy access to all the vital editing tools to customize your video’s fonts, source clips, music, colors, and add your branding elements easily.

Boosted offers easy importing access to royalty-free media and music libraries, as well as a color and font library you can use to tweak your marketing videos. The editor lets you preview your video as you work, allowing you to make changes and adjustments quickly and without disrupting your flow.

You can also resize your video quickly by choosing from the pre-set options, ensuring you don’t have awkward white spaces around your videos. These sizing options are designed to fit various social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Creating videos in Boosted

Navigating Boosted’s interface is pretty simple and intuitive.

Once you select a template and video orientation, you’ll see the editor interface. Name your project and upload all the images and videos you want to use for your video. You can see your uploaded video clips and media at the bottom of the editor tool’s interface.

Your uploaded media will play in one continuous video clip, but you can split it by hovering over the timeline and clicking the Split clip icon when it appears.

Once you’ve associated all your media with the keyframes of your choice, start customizing your video using Boosted’s editing tools.

Here’s a quick rundown of the app’s important editing and customization features.

Media library

Boosted provides a library of royalty-free video clips and images from Pixabay, which you can use to replace your template’s default clips with or add to your project. You also have the option to add your own video footage and stills.

Boosted also lets you trim your videos and add filters to your video clips and images.

Music library

Boosted has a myriad of audio clips in its music library which you can use in your videos. You also have the option to use the audio clips already within the template, or upload your own.

The app offers a wide variety of music clip genres and moods, including action and sport, business, cheerful, fashion and lifestyle, laidback and groovy, light, and sentimental.

Color library

The Boosted app’s color library lets you customize your project’s color scheme based on the template’s pre-set theme.

The feature provides recommended color schemes, and you’ll see an instant preview of how your project looks with the colors when you hover over or click each palette.

Font library

Boosted provides a library of font style combinations for your calls-to-action (CTA), headers, and other text, so you won’t have to go down the rabbithole of endless trial and error, figuring out the best fonts to pair.

Text editor

Customize your texts according to your preferences using the app’s text editor tool. Add the text you want, choose a specific font style, adjust the alignment, and add a shadow effect.

You can also change the text’s color by choosing from the suggested color palette or select your preferred color.

After customizing and editing your video, click export, and the app automatically downloads your project into MP4 format.

Creating a simple 15-second promotional video, whether for your marketing or social media needs, can be quick and easy with Boosted’s online video maker app.

Final thoughts

With the Boosted app, simple and fast video creation is the name of the game. The app is affordable and highly-intuitive, perfect for beginners and users who don’t have a lot of experience, resources to create a high volume of engaging video marketing content from scratch on their own.

Using Boosted’s versatile templates and powerful but easy customization features, you can create stunning and engaging videos in no time.