Blue One and the Romantic Journey of its Owners

Blue One, a high-end boutique for men and women’s clothing, accessories, and art décor, results from an incredibly romantic relationship between Jarret Willis and Crystal Smith Willis.

They started as lovers, founded Blue One, got engaged, and now have a kid together. Customers who know them for a long time say, “It’s like watching your kids grow. We’ve seen this couple work hard to make their business successful. Their love story is inspiring for many Hampton’s couples.”

The journey of Jarret and Crystal

Jarret and Crystal started Blue One in 2007. Social media was in its diapers then. The couple only had to rely on their customers’ word of mouth to make their brand popular. But they were successful. Their choice of clothes attracted the attention of some of the NYC elites. Crystal was a fashion maven while Jarret was a former Ford model. They knew that they had to offer something unique to attract their customers’ attention. And so, they started selling styles that no one had seen before.

Both of them had to elaborate research on the type of clothes and accessories the NYC and Hamptons elites like. Then they shortlisted styles that they think look different from the clothes people usually see in boutiques. Once they were ready with their first collection, they opened Blue One’s doors to everyone. And the response was massive.

The Hamptons locals flocked into their store to grab the clothes they liked. Crystal said, “We knew our collection looked different, but we didn’t expect such a response from everyone. Jarret and I feel blessed that people love us so wholeheartedly. It gives us the extra energy to work harder to see them happy.”

Back in 2007, Jarret and Crystal were dating each other. A year and a half later, they decided to get married. Now, they have a kid named Blue. It is the ultimate tribute to the journey they had started nearly 15 years ago.

Maintaining the balance between personal and professional life.

Many would think that running a business together may hamper the couple’s personal lives. But Jarret and Crystal never had any such problem. When asked about how they balance their personal and professional lives, Jarret said, “We see Blue One as a part of our family. It’s as if we are doing the business to make everyone happy. And that is the secret to maintaining the perfect balance. There is no boss between us. We know what we are good at, and we stick to doing those tasks religiously. With over a decade in this business, we never faced any issues balancing our personal and professional lives.”

Jarret and Crystal go on frequent vacations to source new styles for their collections. From cruise rides in $100,000,000 yachts to private plane tours worldwide, the couple is fortunate to have generous customers sponsor these trips. If you love to see the photos, you can follow their Facebook and Instagram pages. They also use their social profiles to announce new arrivals and seasonal discounts.