Blog-writing is more than telling what you are doing on a working day


Content is gold. Writing a blog about your business is still a good marketing tool. But telling your followers about your fourth trip to a client this week is boring. How to keep your public interested?

Writing blogs seems to be the best marketing tool nowadays. You write one every week and think you are doing a good cause. You are, but after a couple of weeks, the number of readers falls. How come?

Mostly it is because you don’t have a plan. Start with a basic text and expand the information. Write an interesting text every week. Nobody wants to read the same story over and over again. Be creative. Take advantage of these advises.

Advice to be creative and keep your followers interested..

1 For who?

Who are you writing for? It is the main reason you write a blog: for your public. And if you want it to grow, you have to delve into your audience. What is their problem? What are they looking for, a shoulder bag (Dutch: Schoudertas), or a Burkely bag? Do you have the solution? (this is the main key). If you give them the answers or solutions they will stick to your blog and want to read it every week.

2 Be personal

Even if you write a business-story, be personal. Speak directly to your audience. It is between him or her and you. They want to know who you are, what your talents are and what you have to offer them. They really want to know you. You’re their example and sometimes even their coach. Be serious about that.

3 Keep it simple

If you sell a Liebherr wine fridge (translated to Dutch: Liebherr wijnkoelkast), tell people all about it, but do it in an interesting way. They don’t want to know all the technical details (if they want to know that, they can read the manual with all the instructions). They want to hear about the benefits and the look of it. Not how the motor works.

4 Don’t write too much, but consciously

Write a good article, but keep in mind that people do not have a lot of time. Keep it interesting, write in paragraphs and subparagraphs, use bullets. It must be easy (and quickly) to read. Put a good image on it. It is the first thing people look at. Then they will read your blog.

Sometimes the image brings you to a good subject to write about. If you have nog inspiration at all, you can use your notebook (where you wrote down every idea you had before.

5 Don’t go to fast and tell it all in one blog

If you have a great story to tell, you can write a blog in 1500 words. It’s better to write three blogs with 500 words each and tell your readers in the first one they get more, and in the third one, they can read also the other two!