Bleisure travel, a deal-breaker in world tourism

Bleisure or the choice of combining business and leisure travel is a trend gaining momentum world over.

The data provided by the Travel & Tourism Economic Impact 2018 report indicates that business travel currently represents around 23 per cent of the world tourist traffic.

More than 70 per cent of those travelling through Poland choose to combine their business objectives with tourism, and Podkarpacie is one of the country’s most popular bleisure travel destinations.

Bleisure is an expression of what we refer to as the ‘sharing economy,’ a trend likely to revolutionise global tourism as it offers corporate employees the opportunity of exploring the world’s farthest corners: new regions, cultures and people.

Poland for bleisure

Poland appears on the global traveller’s list of places to see ever more frequently. Such places as Warsaw, Kraków and Wrocław spring to mind immediately. Worth noting is the fact that Podkarpacie is fast becoming another Polish bleisuredestination of choice.

What makes the region appealing is its unique combination of quality transport infrastructure (the Jasionka international airport with easy access to exhibition and conference facilities, such as the G2A Arena or the Arłamów Hotel) and tourist attractions. Above all, Podkarpacie attracts through its positive business climate. The large concentration of aviation industry companies and research centres, and the well-developed educational environment and training facilities are the region’s unique trait and trademark.

Discover the magic atmosphere of Polish mountains

Business trips to Podkarpacie get extended regularly on the strength of the area’s natural features. These include, among others, two national parks, the Bieszczadzki and the Magurski, as well as the numerous landscape parks and nature reserves.

The Bieszczady Mountains, universally known as the wildest of the Poland’s mountain ranges, have drawn hikers for years, particularly with polonines, subalpine meadowlands, which look their most spectacular in spring and autumn. Snow-covered skiing slopes and lifts await those visiting Podkarpacie in the winter season, among them the downhill runs of Ustrzyki Dolne, Lesko, Arłamów and Karlików.