Bitcoin SV: Making the Internet Better

Remember when the Internet was first introduced to the public? There was just dial up and it took so long to connect, but the idea that you can use it to do research, send mails and even chat with someone from a different country was so fascinating that everyone started using it and courses were even introduced in high school and college.

Now, the Internet has given rise to a large market where everything is online.

This market only grew during the coronavirus pandemic as people started depending more on online shops to do simple things such as grocery shopping and bill payment and more complex activities such as running a global business. It can be said that the whole world now relies on the Internet. But what if the Internet can be made even better? Yes, it can be better with the Metanet, which is built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The Internet and the Metanet

The Metanet aims to cure the problems the current Internet now has. Right now, Internet users got the short end of the stick, with the longer end belonging to corporate giants like Facebook and Twitter who collect user data and make huge profits out of them. There are no intellectual property and ownership rights established with most online content; and an individual does not have guarantee that proof of initial posting will be considered legal evidence in court. Furthermore, content disappears once websites lose ownership of their domain or a company shuts down. Remember Friendster?

The Metanet aims to change all these and more. With the Greek word “meta” meaning beyond or transcending, the Metanet is an upgraded version of the Internet. It is an overlay system for peer-to-peer networks with the capacity to create global identities. The Bitcoin SV blockchain acts as the “universal server” that hosts all data for an infinite period of time.

With these combined, each user can be held accountable for their online activity. Through this system wherein all online identities and activities are kept in check and recorded immutably on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, online fraud can be minimized as each user can be traced back to the real world and apprehended for their criminal actions.

The Metanet: Giving Back Ownership of Data to Users

The Metanet is able to give back ownership of data to respective users through the Bitcoin SV blockchain—there will be no ads; and users earn revenues for their own content. For instance, Twetch is a social media application, similar to Twitter, built on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. For a very small fee of 0.02 USD, users can execute actions such as posting, commenting and sharing content. Once their own post is shared or someone comments on it, the user then earns a profit.

Imagine a world where users are rewarded for their online content; and cyber bullying, trolling, the spread of fake news and online fraud were limited to almost none. Would you not want to live in a world like this?