Big tips for small businesses to appeal to more customers

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While every business is different and faces its own challenges, one which is universal for small business is enhancing the ability to appeal to as many customers as possible.

Small businesses have to be savvy when trying to grow their customer base, and luckily, the internet now provides many tools to help. So, let’s explore some of the ways in which your small business can expand its customer base by using some relatively simple but effective techniques.

Build yourself a website

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Even if you only want your small business to appeal to the local area, having a website in the modern day is still crucial to customers finding you. As described in the website tips from BusinessNewsDaily, having an online presence is vital for all businesses, even those who don’t wish to conduct e-commerce. This is because the vast majority of peoples’ first port of call when looking for goods, a service, or a shop is an online search engine. In fact, the source above cites a study which found that 97 per cent of consumers search online for local businesses.

There is a huge range of website creation tools for you to build a website for your business with relative ease. As long as the website is easy to use, includes key information about your business and contact details, and has an easy to find domain name, more customers will be able to find and learn about your business.

An enticing gift to new customers

From getting a free pen with life insurance to some cash for changing banks, many businesses in competitive industries offer bonuses to new customers. The most competitive and accomplished in the bonuses for new customers technique are businesses in the iGaming industry. The offers vary greatly, but the most successful tend to be those that appeal specifically to the best elements of each website.

One such offer is the casino bonus from Betfair which offers 25 free spins after a £5 deposit. As the website boasts a huge range of slots and the section is the site’s most popular, people are more than happy to get some free goes. Making a business-specific gift that encourages the new customer to interact with your service benefits both you and the customer and gives you an extra chance to showcase your offering.

Make your mark on social media

social media
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Social media is a quick and free way for you to have an online presence and create a connection between your business and potential online customers. Many small businesses have a Facebook page, but one of the best platforms to be on right now is the all-business social media LinkedIn.

As described in this piece from Forbes, you can’t over-invest in your LinkedIn presence in the modern day. Particularly for those working in sales or marketing, growing a LinkedIn audience and authority can greatly boost business engagement and potentially lead to collaborations. It’s the modern way of connecting to other business and professionals to further your appeal to customers.

Loyalty is the best currency

SmallBusinessTrends relays study evidence showing that 73 per cent of satisfied customers will recommend your service to others. And the positive testimonials from existing customers being far more influential than brand marketing. Keeping hold of existing customers and encouraging them to spread the word about your business can be a goldmine when it comes to reaching more customers. Like with bonuses and gifts, deploying incentives for repeat business or ‘referring a friend’ can go a long way towards achieving customer satisfaction, repeat business, and positive testimonials.

These are four modern and relatively easy ways for your small business to enhance its appeal to more customers. Try adapting these methods to apply to your specific business’s offering.