Best tactical clothing for Airsoft players


If you buy airsoft replicas to play an occasional game, you do not have to worry about proper clothing.

However, when planning to take part in organized games, it is worth knowing what tactical clothing and body armor to wear and what to look for when buying.

Forest games and military simulation – MilSim games

The most popular type of game is a forest skirmish. Due to long distances and the specific surroundings, it is worth opting for camouflage, which will allow you to effectively hide from the opposing team. You should learn how to choose the right camouflage pattern of tactical clothing. First of all, clothing should be appropriate for the area where the game is played and for the weather conditions. A different colour scheme will work in the summer and yet another in winter. For example, desert camouflage was not designed for fighting in our latitude, so it will not work in the European forests. If there is a sniper in the team, his camouflage is a priority. In addition to their uniform, the so-called Ghillie Suit, a suit resembling forest bedding in its structure, will be equally important for a sniper.

Comfort is an important factor in the selection of tactical clothing. If a piece of clothing makes you uncomfortable right from the start, then after a few hours of marching, it will become unbearable. Try also to match your clothing to the ambient temperature. On colder days it is good to have thermoactive underwear and waterproof Gore-Tex type clothes on. Comfortable socks are an often overlooked element of the uniform, yet they can literally save feet from painful abrasions and imprints. On long marches and during milsim games at least one spare pair is a good idea.


Skirmishes in buildings require completely different solutions. Camouflage is of secondary importance here, but proper ventilation is a must. Combat Shirt, where the chest and back sections are made of highly permeable fabric, is a great choice. Another, extremely important aspect to be taken into account here is the complementarity of clothing and protective gear. Some trousers have special loops through which you can insert knee pad supports, special pockets for knee protectors, or even built-in knee pads and elbow protectors. Tactical gloves are an inseparable part of the player’s clothing in CQB. They protect not only from a direct hit, but also from accidental injury or abrasion.


It is the youngest type of airsoft games, but it is rapidly growing in popularity. Speedsoft games guarantee great excitement, and the greatest emphasis is placed on scoring as many points as possible. If you look at the replicas used by speedsoft players, which do not at all reflect the real guns and masks, similar to those used in paintball, you can rightly conclude that realism does not play an important role here. The players on the field move very fast, sometimes performing slides, jumps over obstacles or other stunts. They often wear tracksuits, sneakers and colourful shirts or sweatshirts with the team’s emblems. The main criterion here is comfort.